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Thursday, 30 May 2019

22 Lessons in 22 Years

I've had the most perfect birthday weekend and week, celebrating with the best. To mark another year today I'm sharing 22 things that I have learnt in my twenty-two years on this planet... Enjoy!

1.      Your life is a reflection of your standards. Everything in your life is there because you allowed it. From material items to relationships, know your worth!

2.      Surround yourself with people that add to the quality of your life, not subtract from it. There’s no doubt in the truth of the saying ‘you are the sum of the 5 people closest to you.’

3.      Only take advice from people who know how to live the life you want. You’ll have not issue finding someone who wants to give advice but if they have no idea how to get where you’re going, they won’t help you.

4.      It shouldn’t matter to anyone else what I do, so long as I’m not hurting anybody.

5.      Give people a chance. First impressions are usually wrong.

6.      Sometimes the things you think are going to be pretty mundane are the things you’ll treasure most.

7.      Allow others to speak freely about you. Let others know that you WANT criticism. Create a relationship where others can give their honest opinion about your behaviour, business, habits, etc. Some people do this regardless of the relationship but personally, I only give my full honest opinion if I feel like the other person is receptive to it. To constantly grow and improve I think this is really important.

8.      Always wear comfortable footwear to clubs, shopping and travel. Because after the first 30 minutes, you will curse yourself for wearing those fancy good-for-only-pictures shoes.

9.      The dress rule – If you ever see a stunning dress BUY IT. Forget needing an occasion. It’s a rule of the universe that if you do have an occasion and need a dress you won’t be able to find anything.

10.   Work hard, spend hard. You've worked for it... Buy the shoes. Honestly, some days you just need a new, beautiful pair of shoes to take the edge off.

11.   Stay Optimistic. We could all do with dreaming a little more. It doesn't hurt to be a dreamer and to live life with an idealistic outlook. We’re all in the gutter but less and less of us are looking up at the stars.

12.   Being passionate about something - having a passion - is invaluable. If you have one, don’t let it dwindle away.

13.   I think I have incredibly accurate intuition, and I believe most women do. Use it wisely and trust your gut - you are smarter than you give yourself credit.

14.   Learn to laugh at yourself . I think this is probably one of the best lessons I have learned. Taking yourself too seriously and always striving to be perfect will cause you more frustration than anything else. If you don’t learn to laugh at your mistakes, then somebody else will.

15.   Smiling is one of the most powerful tools we have as humans, use it often. I genuinely believe smiling and laughter are great medicine whatever is going on.

16.   Treat everyone and everything as you would like to be treated. In life, we’re all just walking each other home, so be kind even if they are not in return;

17.   Emotions are on a spectrum and will fluctuate at times, ride the waves without judgment. Don’t make decisions when you’re in a heightened state of emotions. Breathe. Wait until you are back to your centre. Then decide.

18.   There is a difference between being friendly and sociable, and actually being kind. Being able to detect this in others will save you a lot of pain.

19.   You will regret not eating that dessert more than you will regret eating it.

20.   It’s perfectly normal to outgrow people or places that were once important to you. It doesn’t have to be a tragic or upsetting realisation; you can acknowledge the purpose they served at one point in your life and look back upon those memories fondly.

21.   Having an open-minded perspective is really important. For the first time in my life I’ve recently started meeting many people that are coming from many walks of life. It is important to learn from and consider the many different standpoints of every individual.

22.   Take pictures. They don't have to be for social media; they don't have to be posed or perfect. I am that person with over 20k photos on their phone. Become a picture taker, hoarder, extraordinaire. You won't regret it on the days you just want to take a look back.