Monday, 24 December 2012

Santa is coming !!!

Christmas may be many things to you
or it may be a few.
For you, the joy
is each new toy;
for me;
its watching you.
This Christmas Eve my brother,
It's off to bed for you !!!!

I wish you all out there a very Merry Christmas.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Mulberry Del Rey Bag

 Mulberry launches the Del Rey bag for Autumn/Winter 2012, inspired by the eclectic and Old Hollywood infused style of singer Lana del Rey. It fuses practicability with elegance and timelessness with glamour. The Del Rey bag below costs €1150 but keep in mind that this price varies according to the material you choose.

I then went looking for an alternative and I found this bag in topshop for €48. To me it was very obvious that this bag drew its inspiration from the Del Rey, it even has the flap at the front and the large buckle resembles the post mans lock on the Del Rey bag.


Saturday, 15 December 2012

Longchamp Le Pliage Bag

I first fell in love with this bag while on holiday in the South of France. A major turn off for me at first was that nearly every second person has one. But somehow this bag as grown on me. This could be down to its versatility. I love that the bag folds up, this makes it perfect for travelling. Below is the navy version with long straps. It costs €117 from nordstroms but can also be purchased directly from the Longchamp website.

I was doing some Christmas shopping the other day when I came across this bag it debanhams. Although there is a large price difference the longchamp bag has many advantages. The longchamp bag folds up into a small square for travelling and the bag below does not. It is also instantly recognisable and is long champs iconic and best selling bag. This is a Principles by Ben de Lisi bag that I found at debanhams for €43.


Monday, 10 December 2012

Leopard Print Skinny Jeans

If you have ever wanted a subtle way to rock the leopard print trend , well then these jeans are for you. They are by Current/Elliot and cost €250 from The jeans come in many colours but the most neutral ones are the grey ones or the classic leopard colours. These leopard jeans could be dressed up or down. During the day they can be worn with a block colour tee and then dressed up for evening wear with a classy blazer.

Although I love these jeans, €250 would be stretching my budget. I then went searching for an alternative. The jeans on the left are from asos for €32 and the jeans on the left are €43 from riverisland.

It seems I'm not the only one in love with these jeans as dozens of celebs have been spotted rocking these jeans.


Monday, 3 December 2012

A Royal baby

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are having a baby, and I couldn't be happier for them. Katherine is not yet 12 weeks gone but has had to announce to news after been admitted to hospital with acute morning sickness. I wish them all the best and strongly believe they will be great parents.

The pregnancy has been showing in recent days in Kate's face. I think pregnancy suits her !!!


Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Royal Fringe

Keep your hair on ladies, all she did was cut a handful of those luscious locks off. Yes Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge has chopped a side fringe into her iconic hair. It's funny how one person cutting their hair becomes the talk of the town ours after they step out with the new do. There are varying opinions about the Duchesses new fringe, with many people saying it makes her look younger.

But what many people are forgetting is that this isn't the first time Kate has sported a fringe. This is a picture of Kate at an event in 2006.

So what do you think ? Will the side fringe become the newest hair trend ? Only time will tell I guess.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Ciaté Jewel Nail Varnish

I decided to treat myself yesterday and brought myself a new nail varnish. After half an hour of toing and frowing I finally decided to get a Ciaté nail varnish in jewel. I usually don't buy glitter nail varnish because I have found from previous experience that they don't come out like they look in the bottle. But I took a risk on this one and it definitely paid off. Below is picture of my nails after putting on two coats of the jewel varnish.

And this is how the varnish comes in the bottle.
I have been obsessed with this nail varnish over the past few hours. I can't stop looking down at my nails.  But my love for this nail varnish was only heightened when I found out that it is the same nail varnish that Adele wore to the Grammys earlier this year. The only difference was that Adele wore jewel as part of a Louboutin manicure. She painted the underside I'd her tips in red but somehow I can only see that turning out as a disaster unless I get a professional to do it.

Ciaté in jewel is available from sephora for €10.50.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Leather Bustier Dress

This dress is absolutely beautiful. It gives a classic LBD ( Little Black Dress) a more seductive edge. This dress is the perfect dress for the twenty something party girl. It is feminine yet still has a rock chick edge. This dress was designed by Daniel Feld from Project Runway for his label Kymerah. This dress is real lamb's leather so will be buttery soft.
The dress costs €704 and is available from This dresses also been popular amongst many celebrities including Paris Hilton.

When I finished drooling over this dress I set about finding a high street alternative. I came up with this beauty from urban outfitters. This dress is €195. And is almost an exact copy of the Kymerah dress, beside the fact of course that it's faux leather.


Thursday, 22 November 2012

Studded Hairband

Have you ever wanted to be able to change the whole vibe of an outfit with just one accessory. Well this studded hairband is the perfect way to do it. You can turn an ultra feminine outfit into a rock chick style with this hairband. The hairband is Valentino and is available from In costs €145.
As crazy as I am I don't think I would pay that for a hairband even if it is leather. So I then set about finding a high street alternative and I came up with this hairband. It costs €7.50 and is available from bank fashion. It is synthetic but for that price difference I think I could deal with it and I will definitely be sticking with my high street find.


Sunday, 18 November 2012

How to spot a fake Chanel 2.55 bag

I was working in my local charity shop last week after school when I opened one of the donation bags and was shocked to see a Chanel 2.55 bag. However on further investigation it did give itself away as a fake. Given that it was a fake, it was a good one as first off it did make my heart skip a beat.  Many people think that once it as the red lining it's real but there are a lot of other way to tell the difference as well. Let's see if you can tell the difference, one of the below bags is real and the other is fake.
This first one is in fact the real one. Below is a list of easy ways to spot the difference between a real bag and a fake.

1. The leather should be soft and you should be able to scratch it with your nail (although I don't suggest you do this unless you're really unsure)

2. The bag should have a high stitch count, about 10 or more stitches per inch. There should not be any loose threads. Fake bags will have about 6 stitches per inch. The bag on the right is the real one. The fake bag looks puffier because of the low stitch count.

3. The lining inside should lie flat against the bag, no lumps or air pockets. The lining should also be extremely difficult to separate or pull from the bag. The lining should be a burgundy colour.

4. The iconic CC lock should be flat and the right C lies over the left C. The marking on the lock denotes where the bag was made. On the inside of the flap, the lock lies flat and says Chanel on the left and Paris on the right.

5. Chain should be heavy, as it’s gilded in 24k gold. It should be a yellow colour. The one on the left is real.

6. When you open the bag there should be a Chanel main on the flap and made in France should be written in gold on the opposite side.

If your looking for a great place to buy vintage chanel 2.55 bags and be sure they are genuine is the place. Images and content inspiration courtesy of Vintage Heirloom

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Valentino Velvet Skirt

have fallen in love with this Valentino velvet skirt. Artfully layered and trimmed with satin, this style captures the label's feminine spirit with an added dose of polish. To keep this skirt on trend team it with cream pussy bow silk blouse. The skirt is available on for €1490.

But if you don't have a fat wallet I found this high street alternative from coast. It is almost identical to the Valentino skirt, the only difference is in the price. The skirt below costs €95 and is available from John Lewis.


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Burberry Sweater

When I went searching for the perfect winter essential sweater I stumbled across this beauty. I absolutely love this cutey pie of an owl. The eyes are enchanting. Animals have been a massive trend on Burberry catwalks in recent times and this jumper is part of that trend. The jumper is made of cashmere and will definitely be able to keep you warm during those cold winter months.

If your interested this beautiful sweater is available from for €1095. Which is a bit much for a sweater even if it is cashmere. But if I had money to burn .................... Well I don't so I went looking for an alternative and I found a sweater almost identical to the Burberry one for sale on for €52.
No I didn't just show you the same jumper twice. I have to say this is the best high street alternative I have found yet. The owl is almost identical to the Burberry original. And if your wondering how to wear this sweater, you could always where is with jeans or if you want to dress it up you could wear it with a skirt like Kate Bosworth.


Sunday, 11 November 2012

Alice and Olivia Lace Dress

I was browsing net-a-porter last night and dreaming about the perfect little dress when I stumbled along this beautiful Alice and Olivia dress. This dress really is a piece of art. It exudes class and intricacy. I particularly love the colour of the lace, for me this is what make this dress stand out from the hundreds of other lace dresses out there. The lace is a metallic plum colour so it will shine under light.

This beautiful masterpiece is available on net-a-porter for €475. Hint, hint if any of you are still looking for my Christmas present. I then went looking for an alternative but I couldn't find anything quite like it this is the best I could find. 

Yes this dress is pretty but it just doesn't possess the same intricate detail that the Alice and Olivia dress did. But if you're interested it's called the Taylor dresses illusion yoke dress fit and flare dress and is available from nordstroms for €132.


MILANOCENTRALE are sunglasses handmade in Italy and designed by Maurizio Duranti. They are basically sunglasses deigned by an architect who understands lines and how to use them, I love them and who knows they could be the next Ray Bans. Instead of using a logo this collection uses the straight line across the top of their glasses as their trademark just like Stella McCartney uses chain trimming. 

The above glasses are from the range and cost approx €120, you may think they seem a bit expensive but after all they are hand made from the heart of fashion Milano Italy, the home of Prada and Fendi. For more info visit

McQueen Floral Scarf

If you are looking for a touch of rocker chic, the McQueen scarf is the one for you. If you like to take your fashion inspiration from the Hollywood elite,Alexander McQueen should be high on your list of fashion labels. This accessory has been seen on many celebrities including Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie and Kim Kardashian. They are extremely lightweight making them ideal for the spring season. The best thing about these scarves is you can wear them with anything. Whether you are wearing a dressed down outfit for example skinny jeans and a t-shirt you can finish it off with your silk scarf. 

This is a not so classic McQueen skull scarf, it is the floral version. It is a beautiful take the skull scarf for wear in Spring and Summer. The scarf is 100% silk and will sit beautifully around your neck. But at €365 I will be sticking to my high street alternative. If you are interested it is available on the Alexander McQueen website.

The scarf in the picture above is one that I found at Urban Outfitters. It is called the deena & Ozzy Gardenia Skull Scarf if you're interested and costs only €30. Ok so it may not be silk but for a saving a €335  It's definetly worth it. 


Thursday, 8 November 2012

My New Barbour Jacket !!!!

There are few more quintessentially English pieces of clothing than the Barbour jacket. Worn by people of all ages and from all walks of life, from farmers and landowners to fashion designers and school children, it has become a national treasure. I finally decided to take the plunge and invest, after all it is a coat that will last for years. So my jacket arrived today in the post from Dublin. I decided to get the barbour international polarquilt jacket.

The jacket is available from the Barbour by mail website or Brown Thomas for €220. I immediately tried it on and was jumping for joy UNTIL ............... I noticed that the popper on one of the buttons on the pocket was missing. I am absolutely raging and in will be straight back in the post in the morning.

The missing popper looks as though it was ripped out. My only answer is that they must of sent me a display model and this is absolutely unacceptable for a jacket of the calibre.


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Christian Louboutin boots

Hey dolls, I'm back with more looks for less !!!! My latest find is a pair of Christian Louboutin dress boots that have been copied by Aldo. These boots would look fabulous with a pair of skinny jeans or a rock chick party dress on a night out. The distinctive scarlet soles have become an instantly regconasable marker of the brand.

These dress boots are available from Brown Thomas or from the Christian Louboutin website for €1500. The only downfall to these boots besides the price of course is their height. Although they make your legs seem unending you run the risk of breaking your ankle. I then went looking around for an alternative and I found these boots in Aldo for only €140.

Even the back of theses boots look alike, besides those iconic red soles of course.


Saturday, 3 November 2012

Chanel 2.55 Bag Look4Less

Whether your into fashion or not the Chanel 2.55 bag is most likely instantly recognisable to you.In the early 1920s, Coco Chanel became frustrated with having to carry her handbags in her arms. Coco then decided to create a handbag that allowed her to use her arms freely. The Chanel 2.55 was inspired by straps found on the soldier's bags. Over the years this original bag has evolved into the Chanel 2.55 that we all know and love today. This bag is most definitely on my buy before I die list.

The Chanel 2.55 is available for €3010 from Brown Thomas or any other major designer department store. But if your budget doesn't quite stretch to that you could always just pick up one of the hundreds of copies on the highstreet. One of these copies is this bag that I found on Asos, available for just €22.22
If that alternative is not to your liking how about this quilted bag from Forever21 that costs €23.90


Lace Trend

Lace is a big trend for this spring and summer 2013. Once only reserved for wedding dresses or formal wear, lace is showing up everywhere, even in casual wear. Designers are adding lace to not only shoes and handbags, but to everyday wear such as blouses, skirts, and dresses. Even after all of this are you still afraid of over doing the lace trend in your everyday wear. After all there is a very thin line.

I was out on Monday with a few friends when I noticed that my close friend, Niamh Dillane was really taking on the trend but in a simple way. She put a small lace cami on underneath her jumper and only let the lace trim be seen.

I absolutely love this simple way of incorporating the trend. A simple touch of lace can add class and femininity to any outfit.


Thursday, 1 November 2012

My Top 10 Iconic Bags

I have always had a thing for designer bags, ever since I was a young girl and I would walk through department stores and marvel at theses pieces of art. Sometime in the future I will have a room just for my designer bags, but for now I can only dream. The following bags are the bags that are in my mind iconic and timeless classics.

1. Chanel 2.55

2. Tods D-bag

3. Lady Dior

4. Mulberry Bayswater

5.Hermes Birkin

6. Hermes Kelly

7.Alexander McQueen Clutch

8. Longchamp Le Pliage

9. Mulberry Alexa

10. Louis Vittion Speedy

I will be talking about each of theses bags in more details in further posts.

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