Saturday, 27 October 2012

McQueen Clutch

 I have always been a fan of McQueen clutch bags and their beautiful designs. But this one is definitely my favourite yet, as many of their bag this is one of dreams. This pale pink number scattered with pastel blooms, spells floral fairytale. The clutch is intricately appliqu├ęd with dozens of organza andcrepe beaded flowers and lined in luxe leather, it makes a breathtakingly feminine statement. This clutch is truly a piece of art. It would look beautiful with a white cocktail dress or a gown. The clutch costs €1750 on

After being mesmerised by this fairytale clutch I then searched the Internet for a cheaper alternative. The best I could find was this clutch for €25 in awear. Despite the massive price difference I still would not be buying the awear clutch. It does not possess the extraordinary workmanship and intricate detail that the McQueen clutch does.


Sunday, 21 October 2012

Victoria Beckham

Over the past few years Victoria Beckham has gone from wag to successful fashion designer. Her designs are extremely well tailored and flattering. Victoria Beckham's dresses have been wore by countless celebrities. In her journey to slowly gaining respect and becoming a fashion icon , Mrs. Beckham has scarcely put a platformed-foot wrong. The dress below was one of my favourites from Victoria's fall 2011 collection. I love the military style and the khaki colour is flattering for every skin tone.

Although the dress is beautiful and the cut is amazing at €1200 I personally don't think it's worth it for the amount of times I'd wear it. I was walking around  debenhams yesterday and I noticed a red herring dress with a remarkable resemblance to the Victoria Beckham dress. The red herring dress can be seen below and costs €59 in debenhams.

When I returned home I then searched the Internet for any other high street alternatives. I found the mango dress below for €22.99. I love my mango find because the black panelling at the top is more flattering than the red herring dress and it cost less than half the price !!!


Friday, 19 October 2012

Bandage Dress

Have you ever seen celebs such as Victoria Beckham, Cheryl Cole or Kelly Brook in fabulous skin tight Herve Leger Bandage Dresses. Over the past few years these dresses have become almost iconic and have reached the same heights as the McQueen scarf and the Hermes Birkin. But with a 600+ price tag an original Herve dress is a tad out of my reach.

Many high street stores have copied the bandage style and reproduced it for a fraction of the cost. However I have found that the majority of high street equivalents have been made very short and tacky. I did find one dress though in topshop for €55. The dress is very versatile and can be wore by many age groups. This dress would look great for work or on a night out.

Personally I love my high street find, the only problem is that the bandage dress shows up every lump and bump and I don't think I'd have the confidence to wear it. But if you are interested it's available at topshop.


Sunday, 14 October 2012

Stella McCartney Clutch

Over the past few seasons the chain trimming has become Stella McCartneys trademark, it is a regular sight when in comes to their bags and accessories. So when I saw this clutch on I straight away thought of the Stella McCartney clutch. Below is the original Stella McCartney clutch. Despite the €515 price tag it is only faux leather. This to me is a bit ridiculous and I will not be buying this clutch anytime soon, but it is avaliable on net-a-porter if anyone is interested.

The clutch below is the one that I found on although it is also faux leather, it come with a much more reasonable price of €30. I do think the gold chain looks quite tacky though and that they should have done it in silver, like the Stella one. The clutch can be purchased at


Saturday, 13 October 2012

Face Lace Trend

Forget crazy hair colours and pastel nails, the new trend for this season is face lace? The beauty trend was thought up by a celebrity make-up artist that has worked with eccentric starts Annie Lennox, David Bowie and Steve Strange.

The quirky ready-to-wear designs are perfect for the rush night out, they look like they took hours to apply but in fact only take a minute and are reusable.

They really are beautiful but some how I think if I turned up in them my friends would not be impressed. But they would look amazing on a catwalk or at a photoshoot.

If anyone's interested they are available at and are priced from £13.95 to £19.95.


The Classic Trench

Winter is on the way !!!!! I'm obsessed with trench coats but it's so hard to find one that's affordable. Trench coats can look cheap very easily. It's all about the cut and stitching. I absolutely love this Burberry trench, after all Burberry made the trench, so who could do it better. And as you can probably guess, I found it on my favourite website net-a-porter for €995. Which in fairness for a Burberry trench is quite reasonable.

I did some more looking on one of my favourite high street brand's site,Zara and I found a fabulous trench for just under €80. Of course the Burberry one is much superior in regards to materials and cut. Saying that, my budget dosen't stretch that far so I'll be sticking with my high street find.

The Zara trench is almost an exact copy of the Burberry one.


Friday, 12 October 2012

I love these floral jeans !!!!

I am absolutely in love with these Balmain floral jeans, they would look amazing with a fab nude or soft pink tee........but at €1329, they're a little bit out of my price limit. If you have a fat wallet they are available at net-a-porter.

But then I found these fab jeans. And yes before anyone says it I know they are not as vibrant as the Balmain jeans, but for a saving of over €1250 I think I can compromise . It's very clear to me that topshops inspiration for these jeans came from the Balmain jeans. If anyone's interested they are €55 at topshop.


Welcome !!!!!

Hello !!!! Is there anyone out there ??? This blog is basically just me, a teen doing what I love to do. My posts will contain clothes from high fashion brands that I love (but sadly can't afford), and I will try my best to find high street alternatives or copies (hence the name). Please be forgiving this is my first blog and I'll try my best.
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