Saturday, 27 October 2012

McQueen Clutch

 I have always been a fan of McQueen clutch bags and their beautiful designs. But this one is definitely my favourite yet, as many of their bag this is one of dreams. This pale pink number scattered with pastel blooms, spells floral fairytale. The clutch is intricately appliqu├ęd with dozens of organza andcrepe beaded flowers and lined in luxe leather, it makes a breathtakingly feminine statement. This clutch is truly a piece of art. It would look beautiful with a white cocktail dress or a gown. The clutch costs €1750 on

After being mesmerised by this fairytale clutch I then searched the Internet for a cheaper alternative. The best I could find was this clutch for €25 in awear. Despite the massive price difference I still would not be buying the awear clutch. It does not possess the extraordinary workmanship and intricate detail that the McQueen clutch does.


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