Sunday, 21 October 2012

Victoria Beckham

Over the past few years Victoria Beckham has gone from wag to successful fashion designer. Her designs are extremely well tailored and flattering. Victoria Beckham's dresses have been wore by countless celebrities. In her journey to slowly gaining respect and becoming a fashion icon , Mrs. Beckham has scarcely put a platformed-foot wrong. The dress below was one of my favourites from Victoria's fall 2011 collection. I love the military style and the khaki colour is flattering for every skin tone.

Although the dress is beautiful and the cut is amazing at €1200 I personally don't think it's worth it for the amount of times I'd wear it. I was walking around  debenhams yesterday and I noticed a red herring dress with a remarkable resemblance to the Victoria Beckham dress. The red herring dress can be seen below and costs €59 in debenhams.

When I returned home I then searched the Internet for any other high street alternatives. I found the mango dress below for €22.99. I love my mango find because the black panelling at the top is more flattering than the red herring dress and it cost less than half the price !!!


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