Sunday, 11 November 2012

Alice and Olivia Lace Dress

I was browsing net-a-porter last night and dreaming about the perfect little dress when I stumbled along this beautiful Alice and Olivia dress. This dress really is a piece of art. It exudes class and intricacy. I particularly love the colour of the lace, for me this is what make this dress stand out from the hundreds of other lace dresses out there. The lace is a metallic plum colour so it will shine under light.

This beautiful masterpiece is available on net-a-porter for €475. Hint, hint if any of you are still looking for my Christmas present. I then went looking for an alternative but I couldn't find anything quite like it this is the best I could find. 

Yes this dress is pretty but it just doesn't possess the same intricate detail that the Alice and Olivia dress did. But if you're interested it's called the Taylor dresses illusion yoke dress fit and flare dress and is available from nordstroms for €132.


  1. Omg I absolutely love this dress and thx 4 finding an alternative :)

  2. Have to agree - think i'l buy it for an event that I have coming up!

  3. hawt i like it :) xx


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