Saturday, 5 January 2013

Valentino Studded Sandals

These shoes are totally edgy yet girly at the same time with their pale pink background. They are the perfect shoe to give a floaty pink dress an edgy twist but also to give a black leather dress a girly edge. You may look at them and think they are totally unwearable when in fact they are incredibly versatile. Just think about it because of there pale colour they can be worn with almost any colour. These Valentino sandals cost €795. The craftsmanship is beautiful and as much I love them sadly they don't quite come in within my budget.

Even thought the studding is slightly different, these shoes are almost identical to the Valentino ones.The sandal are so alike that it is hard to believe the hefty price difference. Because of the neutral tones, they are very wearable. After all, versatility is key, and these sandals embody that statement perfectly. Not to mention, they are available in both black and pale pink leather. These Steve Madden 'Hunnie' sandals cost €85. If you click on the picture below it will bring you to the Steve Madden Website.

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