Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Why not to buy fake designer handbags ?

How many times have you coveted that latest 'it' bag but have never been able to afford it ? And then you see it on the Internet or in a shady store for a fraction of the price. But instead of buying please save up and buy the authentic bag or a high street alternative, I promise you the thrill will be better.

1.Legality - Selling and buying fake handbags is illegal. Fake handbags infringe on the copyright of the designer or brand. Unless the seller states that the bag is a fake it is illegal. 

2.Designers - By buying a fake handbag you are hurting the designers and brands. You are making a mockery of the time, effort and creativity that went into the designs for that bag. And at the end of the day if a designer has to take a legal case against a group for individual for stealing a design and making a fake, the price of the real bag is only going to go up.

3.Appearance - The majority of fake bags are made from substandard materials and have poor shoddy craftsmanship. Fake bags do not go through the same rigorous quality checks that designer bags do. most of the time the leather is either fake or extremely bad quality, the dye is uneven and the stitching is crocked The makers of fake designer handbags are only concerned with the superficial appearance of the fake bag, not of the quality. You get what you pay for.

4.Organised Crime - U.S. authorities have reported that the sale of counterfeit goods, including fake designer handbags, is a source of funding for terrorist groups throughout the world. When buying a fake handbag many people don't realise that they are also funding organised crime. Fake bags are usually produced in countries that use child labour. Most of these children work in appalling conditions. One recent report of a raid in Thailand tells about young children with broken legs being forced to work to produce fake designer bags.

So please don't dolls, you will be the one regretting it in the long run ............

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