Sunday, 23 June 2013

Gucci Huston Mary Jane Plaform Suede Pumps Look4Less

I absolutely love these shoes. They are a cross between a classic Mary-Jane and a stiletto with a 1970s influence. I love the design aesthetic of the shoe with metallic accents and an ankle strap. These shoes come in numerous colours and to be honest I love all of them, but if I were to buy a pair I would definitely be getting the plum with gold piping. But I have to say that ever colour does still have that disco like glamour. The Gucci Huston Platform pumps are available from and are currently reduced from €618 to €278.

€278 is still a lot of money to pay for a pair of shoes, so I went searching for an alternative. The shoes below are by Candie's and are available from The only major difference between these heels and the Gucci ones is the piping or should say lack of piping on the platform, but for the price difference I think I can compromise. The Candie's Platform High Heels cost $24 or €18.

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