Friday, 30 August 2013

Chanel Quilted Boy Bag Look4Less

For a long-term investment that will take you through decades of evolving fashion, this Chanel Quilted boy bag is a piece that will simply never go out of style. Chanel took an edgier take on the classic quilted bag with their recent boy collection. The design of the boy bag is clean, bold, simple and appealing. I lust for this bag so much ! It's super edgy yet still quintessentially Chanel. The Chanel Quilted Boy bag costs approximately €3050.

Since most of us are simple unable to afford such a luxury bag, I have found you a high street alternative. This bag from Forever 21 may not be an exact copy, but it is definitely inspired by the Chanel Boy bag. The woven leather in this bag resembles the quilting of the boy bag. This Forever 21 bag incorporates the same boyish edge as the Chanel while still remaining chic. The bag below costs €26.90.


Monday, 26 August 2013

McQ by McQueen black leather ankle boots Look4Less

With Winter just around the corner soon we will all be putting those sandals in the back of the wardrobe and digging out that pair of comfy boots. Ever woman needs a simple pair of neutral ankle boots that will go with virtually everything in her closet. And these ankle boots are flat (comfortable for everyday) and will see you through the Autumn and Winter. I love the chain on these ankle boots, its makes them unique and quirky. These boots are also available in patent leather.

Unfortunately the boots above do come at a price, this pair of McQ by McQueen black leather ankle boots costs €470 and is available from Luckily for you I have found an almost identical alternative. The boots below are from Steve Madden and cost €128. These boots may still be on the expensive side of things but they are genuine leather. They are an investment piece and will last you years and will get better with age.


Thursday, 22 August 2013

How to spot a fake Louis Vuitton handbag

Louis Vuitton monogrammed handbags are one of the most widely recognisable designer handbags in the world. On average they cost a minimum of €800, because of this they are also one of they most commonly replicated handbags in the world.

1. Where is the bag for sale ? - If you bought it from a street vendor it is a fake. There maybe some real bags for sale on websites like eBay but be very careful and always pay by credit card to protect yourself.

2. Leather - A genuine Louis Vuitton bag will feel soft because of the type of graphite canvas used by Louis Vuitton. A fake handbag will usually feel hard and stiff. Genuine Louis Vuitton bags are made of one piece of leather so the logo should appear upside down on the back of the bag.

3. Monogrammed Logo - Louis Vuitton's signature logo is the 'LV' symbol. Each logo should be sharp and clear. The logo should be symmetrical on the bag itself. If the logo is off-centre the bag is a fake. Turn The bag upside down, the logo on a genuine bag will be upside down.

4. Most Louis Vuitton bags will have a serial number, but beware because in good fakes these serial numbers may also be faked.

5. Stitching - The stitching on all genuine Louis Vuitton items should be straight and uniform. If you have the bag with you, run your finger over the stitching. If it feels coarse and bumpy its a fake.

6. Zipper - All Louis Vuitton zippers are brass. They are heavy and should be monogrammed with the Louis Vuitton logo.

7. Packaging - All genuine Louis Vuitton handbags are sold with high quality beige cotton dust bags. The handles of a real bag will never come wrapped in plastic or bubble wrap and if they do the bag is a fake.

When in doubt, remember the saying, “if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.”


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats Look4Less

How cute and quirky are these little pumps !!! These Charlotte Olympia pumps have been Alexa Chung's wardrobe essential for the last three years. Who doesn't want a pair of these beautiful pumps, they are the purr-fect addition to any woman's shoe collection. These Kitty pumps have graced the feet of anyone who is anyone, including BeyoncĂ©, Kylie Minogue and Anne Hathaway. The Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats are available from Charlotte Olympia's website and cost €475.

They may be the most adorable pair of pumps out there, but €475 is an awful lot to pay. Fortunately for you I have worked my mystical powers again and found an almost identical high street alternative. I was flicking through (one of my favourite websites lately) when I found this fab pair of kitty pumps. These pumps have the same luxurious gold embroidery as the Charlotte Olympia pumps and what's better they are on sale !!! These pumps are currently reduced from €39 to €33.


The Rose of Tralee Fashion Show

New York based designer Don O'Neill was in Ireland for just over 48 hours. I was so honoured that he took an hour out of his packed schedule to have tea with me. And not only did he give me his time but he also gave me the most fabulous silk Theia scarf. What a guy !!! We discussed everything from the inspiration for his next collection to Dynasty !!! Don O'Neill truly is one of those people who are genuinely nice and deserves to reach great heights in the fashion world.

After tea Don went back to hemming dresses for the fashion show that evening, he joked about how the models in Ireland are shorter than the models in the US. But that's not where it ended !! That evening fashionistas from all over the county and province gathered for the Rose of Tralee Fashion show. I was enthralled with the show. The collections from each boutique were wonderfully designed, each with something unique to offer. The fashion show was more than a parading of clothes; it was a showcase of talent and passion.

Don O'Neill closed the fashion show with the winter 2013 collection of Theia. Twenty beautiful dresses floated down the runway. Don can always be relied upon for glamour, elegance and sparkle. And he certainly delivered on all three. The audience was under the spell of the stunning beaded gowns. All in all, a great night, amazing clothes and a team of people who should be very proud of themselves for pulling it off.

Thank you to the Kerryman, the Independent and all the other sponsors for making this amazing day possible !


Thursday, 15 August 2013

Ralph Lauren Little White Dress Look4Less

Little White Dress (LWD) is so versatile and easy to style that in recent years it has become a Summer wardrobe essential. The LWD is a blank canvas where you can express your own style and creativity through the accessorizes you wear. And with the great weather we have been having lately most of us are not our usual pasty selves but are a shade darker, so we can finally carry a LWD without looking like ghosts. The dress below is Ralph Lauren Black Label and costs € 1190.

A LWD can be worn with a denim vest-let for casual wear or a sleek blazer for formal wear. No matter how versatile this dress is there is not a chance I would ever pay that much for such a simple dress. So instead I searched for an alternative and I found the dress below. The dress below has the same figure hugging cut as the Ralph Lauren dress and the same ruffled hem but for a fraction of the cost. This dress is from Asos and costs €30.


Sunday, 11 August 2013

Lanvin Happy Bag Look4Less

This bag is all about feminine detail and verstile structure. Celebrities like Katie Holmes have been spotted out with this bag running errands as well as on the red carpet teamed with an elegant gown. The Lanvin Happy bag is spacious enough for everyday wear but at the same time chic enough for wearing to a black tie event. Dressed up or  dressed down this is a beautiful bag. The Lanvin Happy Bag is available from the Lanvin website and costs €1575.

The Lanvin Happy Bag may be half the price of its look-a-like the Chanel 2.55, but it's price still makes it unattainable for the masses. Fortunately for you I have fount an almost identical Look4Less, the bag below is from Awear and costs €30. This bag possesses the same quilting as the Lanvin bag and has the same chain strap. The only major difference is that the Awear bag is faux leather and the Lanvin Is real, but for the hefty price difference I think we can get over this difference.


Monday, 5 August 2013

Amanda Uprichard Faux-Leather Peplum Top Look4Less

Peplum is so chic and flattering that it’s no surprise they are everywhere at the moment. The top below is an edgy take on the feminine peplum top. The leather on the peplum is faux so this top is vegan friendly. This Amanda Uprichard top is perfect for taking from day to night. It can be worn with a pair of skinny jeans during the day and then dressed up with a pencil skirt and pair of heels for evening wear. This top is available from and costs €142.

Peplums are flattering for almost everybody type if worn right. The peplum was first introduced by Dior in 1947. In my opinion €142 is a lot to pay for a top that isn't even real leather. Below is a top that is an identical copy of the Amanda Uprichard top, the only difference......... the price, and its quite a big one. The peplum top below is from Forever 21 an costs a much more reasonable €22.


Thursday, 1 August 2013

J Brand Floral Jeans Look4Less

Arguably one of the biggest trends for casual wear to sweep over us in the last few years are floral jeans. They may not be everyone's cup of tea but I LOVE them. I find that a lot of floral jeans can have over-the-top patterns but the pattern on the jeans below is just large enough so as not to look too busy. The simplistic colouring also makes these jeans a great choice for someone wanting to rock the trend but still wanting to stay in their comfort zone. The jeans below are by J brand and cost €160 and are available from

Lots of people have asked me how to wear floral and patterned jeans. The key is to make them the feature piece of your outfit and keep the top half neutral and relatively plain. The background colour of the jeans below may have a more yellow undertone then the J brand jeans but for the saving they are definitely worth it if you are not prepared to splurge on the J brand jeans. The jeans below are from Forever21 and cost €27.

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