Thursday, 15 August 2013

Ralph Lauren Little White Dress Look4Less

Little White Dress (LWD) is so versatile and easy to style that in recent years it has become a Summer wardrobe essential. The LWD is a blank canvas where you can express your own style and creativity through the accessorizes you wear. And with the great weather we have been having lately most of us are not our usual pasty selves but are a shade darker, so we can finally carry a LWD without looking like ghosts. The dress below is Ralph Lauren Black Label and costs € 1190.

A LWD can be worn with a denim vest-let for casual wear or a sleek blazer for formal wear. No matter how versatile this dress is there is not a chance I would ever pay that much for such a simple dress. So instead I searched for an alternative and I found the dress below. The dress below has the same figure hugging cut as the Ralph Lauren dress and the same ruffled hem but for a fraction of the cost. This dress is from Asos and costs €30.

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