Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Rose of Tralee Fashion Show

New York based designer Don O'Neill was in Ireland for just over 48 hours. I was so honoured that he took an hour out of his packed schedule to have tea with me. And not only did he give me his time but he also gave me the most fabulous silk Theia scarf. What a guy !!! We discussed everything from the inspiration for his next collection to Dynasty !!! Don O'Neill truly is one of those people who are genuinely nice and deserves to reach great heights in the fashion world.

After tea Don went back to hemming dresses for the fashion show that evening, he joked about how the models in Ireland are shorter than the models in the US. But that's not where it ended !! That evening fashionistas from all over the county and province gathered for the Rose of Tralee Fashion show. I was enthralled with the show. The collections from each boutique were wonderfully designed, each with something unique to offer. The fashion show was more than a parading of clothes; it was a showcase of talent and passion.

Don O'Neill closed the fashion show with the winter 2013 collection of Theia. Twenty beautiful dresses floated down the runway. Don can always be relied upon for glamour, elegance and sparkle. And he certainly delivered on all three. The audience was under the spell of the stunning beaded gowns. All in all, a great night, amazing clothes and a team of people who should be very proud of themselves for pulling it off.

Thank you to the Kerryman, the Independent and all the other sponsors for making this amazing day possible !

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