Friday, 27 September 2013

Céline Cabas Zip Tote Bag Look4Less

A personal favourite of Miranda Kerr. I pretty much fall head over heals for everything she wears, she could wear anything and it would look effortlessly chic. A bag that is both functional and stylish at the same time. This bag features two zips to expand its capacity, meaning this bag would be the absolute perfect carryall. The Céline Cabas tote bag costs  1250. It's almost impossible to get your hands on one of these bags, they are permanently sold out. 

Unfortunately, my budget can't exactly take a dent like the one this bag would leave. The bag below may not be an exact copy but it definitely has all the same elements. I love absolutely this Look4Less which is available in black, white and red. It may not be leather but I know I have some vegan readers who would actually prefer that. The Zip shopper bag from Mango costs €40.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Burberry Prorsum Lace Peplum Skirt Look4Less

I love this Burberry skirt so much !!!! It is absolutely fabulous. This skirt strikes the perfect balance between feminine and powerful.The length, proportion and peplum are things I love most; it hugs every curve without giving away too much. This skirt will flatter almost any shape, it eventuates your waist and hides your tummy area, also the black is super slimming. The skirt below is from Burberry Prorsum and costs a staggering €830, it is available from the

The skirt below will give you the same look and save you several hundred Euro along the way as well. Score! I love this skirt so much, I might even love it more then the Burberry skirt. Now I'm just debating whether there is enough room in my wardrobe for yet another black skirt (I have so many now its getting slightly ridiculous) So, so gorgeous! Get this skirt now before it sells out! The skirt below is from Mango Outlet and is reduced from €60 to €40.


Maison Scotch Outlet

What do your clothes say about you? The clothes you wear say a lot about you. It is up to you to choose what they say. Your choices in clothing usually reflect your personality, lifestyle choices, career, and attitude about life in general. Your clothes can even reflect your mood for the day whether it is good or bad. 
It has been said that you should not judge a book by its cover. Your clothes are your cover and people do judge you by what you wear and how you present yourself. It is very important to remember that you never get a second chance to make a first impression so be sure to make the first impression count. 
Consider carefully what you want your choice in clothes to say about you. Let clothes from Maison Scotch outlet help you to strike the right note. Our choice in clothing is really a very personal and individual choice, No two people are alike and so your clothes should reflect the fact that you are an individual with your own taste and style. 
However, you still have to purchase clothes from a designer that reflects your taste and style in the clothes they design. You want to have a wide selection of pieces that can allow you to make the style pronouncements you desire while reflecting your flair and panache. 
It is easier to work with a designer like Maison Scotch Outlet that offers blouses, jackets, sweaters, pants, jeans, skirts, and dresses and anything else you can think of in between to allow you the flexibility to mix and match pieces in order to achieve your desired look.
You are not the sum total of your clothes. There is much more to you than what you wear. However most people you come in contact with may never get the opportunity to say hello to you or exchange any conversation with you. Their first and only impression of you is based on how you look. 
They decide to come over and say hello based on what you are wearing. The same is true in business and all your everyday dealings. People will make assumptions about you based on what they see. Your clothes serve as your calling card or introduction to the world around you. 
The clothing choices available at Maison Scotch Outlet can help you make a statement. They invite people to get to know you better or keep them at a distance. It is all up to you. The unspoken communication between your clothes and the rest of the world should also exist between the designer of the clothes you wear and you. 
In other words, their clothes should speak to you. You should feel some level of connection to their clothing. This way you will feel comfortable that the message being sent is exactly what you want to say and you will be confident in how you look and feel. 
It is important to follow trends without being a slave to fashion. Your clothes should reflect a conscious decision on your part to be stylish and modern. You want to look as if you know what the current trends are without looking as if you are trying too hard to be stylish. 
The clothing available at Sunday Best will get you noticed. 
This is a sponsored post.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Loeffler Randall Rider Bag Look4Less

I have always loved the Rider bag by Loeffler Randall. I love the classic design, the size – not too big, not too small. It is the perfect essential satchel for everyday use and it makes luxury appear to be so effortless. Wear it with jeans, a sundress, leggings or whatever… this satchel goes with just about everything in a woman's casual wardrobe. This Loeffler Randall bag is made of saffiano leather so it will also be quite hard wearing. The bag may be cheaper then a lot of designer handbags but €490 is still quite pricey for an everyday handbag.

I just stumbled upon this super similar looking bag from Forever 21 which is a great alternative for Loeffler Randall's Rider bag. I really love a cross-body bag because it allows you to keep all of your worldly possessions by your side while having both of your hands free and available (for shopping of course). The bag below is made of faux leather but I think for the substantial price difference I can deal with it. This bag is from Forever 21 and costs just €26.90


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Quilted Chanel Ballerina Pumps Look4Less

These cute quilted ballerina pumps most definitely take the prize for most comfortable yet stylish footwear and are a personal favourite of numerous celebrities including Keira Knightley. Heels will always have a massive place in a woman's wardrobe, but ballerina pumps will always be a necessity. The Chanel Quilted Ballerina pumps below will instantly add a little bit of luxury and style to a simple pair of skinny jeans and a plain coloured tee. These fabulous Chanel Ballerina pumps cost approximately €490 depending on the finish and material you choose.

If you want a good quality pair of  pumps that will last but you are also willing to drop some cash, these pumps from Ann Taylor are for you. These pumps are well made and are definitely a good investment to take you into the Autumn. This Look4Less may not be identical to the Chanel pumps but they are definitely inspired by them. The Ann Taylor pumps below cost €67, they also come in black, navy and burgundy leather.


Saturday, 7 September 2013

McQ by McQueen Tartan Pants Look4Less

September is here, the Summer flew didn't it ? It's Autumn, which means it's time for tartan ! I absolutely love tartan, when its done right (not head to toe or an awful school skirt). And who does tartan better but Alexander McQueen.  These tartan pants can be worn with almost anything, they can be worn everyday with a navy blazer or with a silk chiffon top and heels for a night out. The tartan pants below are from McQ by McQueen and cost €320 they are available from If you too are a fan of the McQ trousers but don’t want to spend more than €300 on a pair of pants, below I have found a fab high street alternative.

As much as I love tartan pants, there’s no way I could justify spending such a huge amount of money on one pair so I went searching for a high street alternative. The trousers below are almost identical to the McQ by McQueen trousers, the only difference being the price. The tartan trousers below are from Riverisland and cost a much more reasonable €40.


Monday, 2 September 2013

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