Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Quilted Chanel Ballerina Pumps Look4Less

These cute quilted ballerina pumps most definitely take the prize for most comfortable yet stylish footwear and are a personal favourite of numerous celebrities including Keira Knightley. Heels will always have a massive place in a woman's wardrobe, but ballerina pumps will always be a necessity. The Chanel Quilted Ballerina pumps below will instantly add a little bit of luxury and style to a simple pair of skinny jeans and a plain coloured tee. These fabulous Chanel Ballerina pumps cost approximately €490 depending on the finish and material you choose.

If you want a good quality pair of  pumps that will last but you are also willing to drop some cash, these pumps from Ann Taylor are for you. These pumps are well made and are definitely a good investment to take you into the Autumn. This Look4Less may not be identical to the Chanel pumps but they are definitely inspired by them. The Ann Taylor pumps below cost €67, they also come in black, navy and burgundy leather.

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