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Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Aztec aesthetic: how to get the right look

The once mighty Aztec Empire ruled vast parts of southern Mexico and Central America for hundreds of years until one day the Conquistadors showed up and it all came crumbling down. The story of how a band of a few hundred men managed to take down an entire empire of millions of people is one of the greatest in history. Yet the empire, although officially destroyed, echoes today in Mexico and around the world.

This has become clear over the last few months with the emergence of the Aztec look on the high street. Using patterns and styles developed by the Aztecs hundreds of years ago, the Aztec look is bright, bold and bang on trend.  Aztec has taken the High Street by storm and there is not a single shop where it goes unnoticed.
The aesthetic is characterised by repetitive patterns in bright colours, including bright pinks and yellows. Zigzag tram lines are separated with other patterns of diamonds and squares, giving the appearance of traditional cloth. It makes a really eye catching material for a shirt, T-shirt, bag or many other accessories. Big, colourful and eye-catching best describes the essence of Aztec prints.
The return of the Aztec look highlights a new movement towards traditional and ethnic clothing. Although, as mentioned above, the Aztec empire still resounds through modern day Mexico and many of these patterns and colours are still used today.

The traditional Mexican blanket, characterised by brightly coloured stripes, makes a great picnic blanket. The material is also being used to make clothes and the design motif is copied in other materials.

One great way for girls to get the Aztec look is with some patterned tights. These bold patterned tights are really eye-catching and make a great vase for any outfit. Combine them with a plain, earth toned dress for maximum effect and you’ll look like an Aztec goddess.  If you don’t fancy such a heavily printed garment, why not try Aztec style jewellery?  It’s definitely a statement and guaranteed to dress up any outfit.
Or an Aztec printed t-shirt with a pair of jeans is perfectly in keep with the smart casual look, with just a little added audacity.  

For guys, the Aztec look works well for T-shirts and hats. The traditional Aztec patterns really stand out and Aztec detailing looks great on belts and bags too. Combine a shirt with a belt and bag for the complete look. The empire may be long gone but you can still look like Moctezuma!
You don’t even have to go the whole way with Aztec pocket detailing and other subtle touches really making a big impression. It’s a really popular look for this season and since it’s already lasted half a millennium, you can be fairly sure it’ll stay in style for the foreseeable future.

Next time you’re out shopping why not treat yourself to an Aztec inspired garment, you’ll love it and soon be pining for more items.

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Jim Rowland is a freelance stylist based in Australia who enjoys the latest in men's fashion. When he is not busy with photo-shoots and events, he loves to frequent his local cafe for a good cup of coffee.
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