Saturday, 5 October 2013

Jill Jill Stuart Mesh Polka Dot Dress Look4Less

The little black dress gets a twist with some elegant mesh polka dots. The beautiful black mesh polka dots with a flattering cut like this and you might have the perfect black cocktail dress. Jill Jill Stuart has a way of making even the simplest of LBD's standout in a packed room and this dress is no exception. I would wear this dress with an elegant bun, a red lip and very little jewellery. This gorgeous Jill Jill Stuart dress costs €185 and is available from Nordstrom's.

The Jill Jill Stuart dress has been embedded in my mind since I first saw it and when I came across the dress below it instantly reminded me of it. This Forever 21 dress is quite reminiscent of the Jill Jill Stuart dress, but of course for a much lower price. The mesh polka dot detail may not be as intricate as the Jill Jill Stuart dress but for the massive price difference I think I will get over it. The Forever 21 dress costs  €25. Don’t cha just love Forever 21 !!!
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