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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Water, Perfumes and 5 Other Daily Tips for a Healthier Life

They say the simplest things in life make us happy. With today’s world being competitive and stressful, our health and happiness are being affected by our surroundings. Simple things like water, perfumes and even laughter can change the way we view life and appreciate the things around us.

Healthy Life
So how do we become happier by the second? Follow these seven daily tips:

1. Munch on Water
No one can chew water but replacing your favorite junk food with actual water can help you feel full. At the same time, downing water helps your body flush out toxins and chemicals contained in carbonated drinks or processed food.

2. Wear Your Perfume
Your favorite perfume can instantly change your mood from plain boring to outright stunning. Knowing you feel prettier just by spraying a little here and there can get you in a happy mood. What’s even better is when you find
perfumes for less, especially from high-end brands.

3. Laugh Your Heart Out
We often forget that laughter is the best medicine. When we focus on struggles, problems and failures, these negative thoughts affect us psychologically which in turn stresses out more, making us feel sick. Studies prove that a hearty chuckle a day aids in smooth blood flow so let go of your sorrow once in a while.

4. Quit Smoking
That tiny stick of cigarette can cause huge health problems not just on you but also on people around you. Quit smoking and you’ll find yourself sporting a clearer skin, whiter teeth and lighter weight. Your body is a holy temple so do something good for it.

5. Control Food Intake
We all love buffets and those juicy quarter-pound burgers, but we have to know when to stop so we don’t give ourselves a heart attack. French people know when to stop when they had just enough. That will make more room for those sumptuous desserts. How about a little bit of macaroon?

6. Go for a Walk
Enjoy the scenery around you just by walking. That’s actually one way of touring and the best part of all is it’s free. Take at least 30 minutes a day to walk before you head to work or school or after having a hearty lunch. You don’t have to be a gym buff to perform the simplest cardio workout in the world. All you have to do is take some music and inspiration with you.

7. Write Your Thoughts
A lot of people suffer from heart ailments because they don’t have a healthy heart – literally and figuratively. While some people find it easy to confide their problems to their family and friends, others just want to keep it to themselves until their body can’t hold the misery any longer. Channel your deepest thoughts, worries and fears through writing and you’ll soon find yourself releasing debris of worries one by one.

Remember, the simple things in life are free and you don’t need to spend a fortune just to get a smile on your face. Because we know how a smile can turn a bad day into an awesome one, Beauty Encounter is giving away perfume treats for you and your man. Find out how you can join by visiting their
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