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Friday, 24 January 2014

Christian Louboutin Belle Leather Ankle Boots Look4Less

Winter is finally catching up with us so its time to invest in a pair of winter ankle boots.  I love the smooth calfskin leather and the feminine shape of these fab ankle boots. I love how simple yet beautiful they are. These ankle boots have been worn by numerous celebs including Demi Moore, Jessica Alba and Hana Soukupva. I'd love to add my name to the list but unfortunately its the same old story, too expensive and sold out. The Christian Louboutin Belle Leather Ankle Boots cost €995 an are available from the Christian Louboutin website.

If you can’t afford Louboutins yet still crave the elegance of the fabulous boots above have a look at my Look4Less below. The boots below may not have the signature red sole but they are definitely inspired by the original Louboutin boots. The boots below are from ALDO and cost €100, they are definitely an investment piece, but they are genuine leather so will stand the  test of time.


Etro Gold-Plated Paisley Ring Look4Less

I love the filigree paisley design and long length of this ring. It is like a piece of armour for your finger, a very stylish piece of armour that is ! This long length style is open at the back for added flexibility, in case you were worried about that. This gorgeous gold plated ring is by Etro and is available to buy now at Net-a-Porter. At only €110 this really is an affordable piece of designer costume jewellery but of course that isn't to say there isn't a Look4Less available.
Not as delicate as the original I admit, but for €8 you’ll get the same stunning look without having to spend a small fortune. This is just a great Look4Less apart from the price these rings are almost identical. The ring below is from Asos and costs €8. The main difference between this and the original is the fact that the Asos ring has a hinge in the middle allowing it to bend with your finger.


Altuzarra Monochrome Peplum Dress Look4Less

With monochrome being the trend of the moment, I decided to bring you another Look4Less featuring the trend. The dress below will do wonders for your body. First of all, we all know that black is slimming, the vertical strip then elongates the body and the peplum extenuates your waist. This dress really is amazing, it incorporates so many trends in one, monochrome, peplums and stripes. This altuzarra dress is available from and costs €1625.

I stumbled across this dress on the Internet while looking for a high street alternative. It is from Jane Norman and costs €46. The two dresses are almost indentical if you overlook the difference in the peplum. These dresses are both incredibly versatile, perfect for night out but they could also be dressed down and worn to work.


Thursday, 23 January 2014

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Leather Bag Look4Less

Intrecciato leather is Bottega Veneta's signature style when it comes to bags. Intrecciato is the style in which the leather is woven. Bottega Veneta bags use the highest quality buttery soft leather. One thing that sets these bags out from other designer bags is the lack of logos. So if you are a fashionista looking for high quality but don't want a brand name splashed all over your bag, this is most likely the bag for you. The Bottega Veneta Maxi Veneta intrecciato leather shoulder bag costs €2095 and is available from

Dozens of celebrities own this bag including Reese Witherspoon and Sarah Jessica Parker. Somehow I can't see myself dropping that much on a bag in the future. The bag below is from and is almost identical. The only two differences are the price and the fact that the La Scalla bag is faux leather. The La Scalla bag costs €45.


Sunday, 19 January 2014

Finding the Perfect Frame for Your Style and Personality

Your eyes are the windows to your soul, and as such, identifying the perfect pair of eyeglasses can be a very difficult and daunting task. Your eyes give away a great deal of your personality and what you are about, and your glasses are capable of doing the same. You want to make sure that when you choose a pair of glasses that you are choosing a pair that accurately reflects your unique style and personality. There are many options available to you, as men’s glasses and women’s glasses all come in wide array of sizes and styles.
Consider Form and Function
Since these are your eyeglasses, your first goal should be related to function. Your prior history with glasses should help you determine what level of care you are able to give, so with proper self-analysis you can select a frame with the appropriate level of durability. Fortunately, there are very stylish options available in full-rim, half-rim or rimless, so even if you are not terribly meticulous in the care of your glasses, you will be able to find a pair that suits your style.
While designer glasses can be a great option, the prices that these designers often charge are outside of the budgets of a great deal of eyeglass wearers. It is relatively simple to find a more affordable option that allows you to purchase several different style options so you do not have to be limited to a single frame. There are some great companies out there that offer stylish frames that are affordable and can even be customized.
What Do You Want Your Glasses to Say About You?
In addition to helping you to see more clearly, your glasses also possess the ability to help you make a sort of silent announcement of who you are. Given that this is the case, you should take great care and consideration in selecting a frame for your glasses, as you want to ensure that these frames accurately reflect your personality and your sense of style. The easiest way to do this is by putting the glasses on your face, something that can actually be done from home if you use a website that allows you to upload a photo of yourself. From there, you can then see what you look like in many different frames without ever having to leave the comfort of your home.
Match the Frame to the Shape of Your Face
There is a methodology behind selecting the ideal frame, and part of this rationale helps explain why some people look great in a specific frame while others do not. The idea is that you want to find a frame that contrasts the shape of your face, and is scaled to fit your face:
  • An oval or round frame is ideal for people with a square face
  • A rectangular frame is ideal for people with an oval or round face
  • A narrow, round or bottom-heavy frame is ideal for people with a heart-shaped face
Finding the ideal frame may seem very difficult, but through proper care and consideration, you can find a frame that is perfect for you.

About the author: Article written by Jen Blair of the Sprightly Shopper, Follow her on twitter @sprightlyshopr

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Money Saving Makeup Tips

If you are one of the millions of people who spend time each day putting on makeup, you know that your face can be quite expensive. There’s foundation to apply, eye shadow and eyeliner to enhance and define the eyes, and mascara to give the appearance of longer and thicker lashes.  Combine all of that with blush to add color to your cheeks, lipsticks to color your lips beautiful, and concealer to cover blemishes and you can see that the cost of all those separate items that go into a makeup bag can add up quickly. Of course, all makeup has to be constantly replenished, which means the lifetime cost of makeup can be substantial. Payday Loans could help finance the constant purchases necessary to keep yourself looking and feeling great.
A Great Foundation Can Support Just About Anything
Most experts agree that you should never skimp on the foundation when it comes to your makeup needs. If you want to get the color of the foundation just right so that the rest of your makeup will bring out the best in your face, never simply go for the cheapest brands. On the other hand, if you lay down an excellent foundation, you can get away with spending less on other areas of makeup, such as eye shadow and eyeliner.

Use Your Eye Shadow as Eyeliner
Instead of purchasing eyeliner separately, consider using your eye shadow as eyeliner. To do so, simply dab your eyeliner brush in water, put eye shadow powder on it, and apply it in the same fashion that you would apply eyeliner.

You Do Not Have To Use Everything In Your Makeup Bag!
Remember, you don’t have to use everything in your makeup bag. Some people look better with just eyeliner and no eye shadow. Some people look better with eye shadow and no eyeliner.  You can also find a large number of people who use mascara only. You need to decide what looks best on you and cut out anything that does not enhance or accentuate your look in a positive manner.

Stop Overpaying For Makeup Right Now
If you buy your makeup from makeup counters, you are overpaying for your makeup. People at the makeup counters often work on commissions. That means that in order to pay those commissions the price of the makeup at the counters is usually going to be more expensive what you can find buy purchasing the makeup online.  Unless you enjoy the experience of working with the makeup person so much that you are willing to overpay for your makeup, skip the counter and put that commission money back in your own pocket. That being said, you may want to initially work with a commissioned salesperson at a makeup counter to get feedback on what type of makeup works best for you.

Get Discounted Makeup
Once you have figured out what makeup you need, buy discounted makeup. There are several places that sell makeup at significantly discounted prices. Here are a few:
  • SaveOnMakeup - SaveOnMakup offers a large selection of discounted makeup. Be sure you read the site’s Terms and Conditions.
  • Fragrance Direct - Fragrance Direct allows you to search their site based on price. Check the “More Ways to Shop” section of the site on the left menu.
  • StrawberryNet – StrawberryNet offers significant discounts on perfume, skincare, and makeup products. They also have a loyalty program in which your discounts increase based on the number of orders you have placed.
  • Half Price Perfumes – Half Price Perfumes includes several types of deals on cosmetics, including discounts, 3 for 2 deals, daily deals, and “buy one get one free” deals.
You now know some of the most effective ways to save money on makeup. Now it’s time for you to go out and be your beautiful self!

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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

My Best Dressed of 2013

1. Kate Middleton
Kate doesn't even have to try to be a style icon........... and pregnancy didn't get in her way either. Her style is classically vintage, she is a great representative for the royal family.

2.Diane Kruger
Not only do Diane's fabulous red carpet moments excite me but also her amazing "I don't care" casual looks when she looks so effortlessly chic and stylish.

3. Olivia Palermo
Olivia's style choices are laid back yet fun and polished, she is the ideal inspiration for anyone who likes to dress because they like it and not because everyone else does.

4. Lily Collins
2013 was a fabulous fashion year for Lily Collins. I feel like she has really come into her own this year. She showed us how brave she is, from embracing her pale skin to sporting the quirkiest dress out there. I can't wait to see her in 2014.

5. Emma Watson
Emma's timeless beauty and large eyes are the perfect complement to any of her outfits. She really has grown-up from her Harry Potter days.

6. Alexa Chung
Everyone wants to dress this girl, she makes everything she wears look super cool. And on top of that she never looks like she's trying too hard.

7. Zoe Saldana
Zoe always looks breath-taking on the red carpet, she's not afraid to take risks.

8.Miranda Kerr
Miranda's taste is impeccable, and her every step on her heeled feet doesn't miss on the style stakes. but then again she has the body of an angel and would look great in a bin bag.

9. Princess Madeleine of Sweden
A lot of people probably won't have heard of Princess Madeleine. She isn't in line for the thrown she is just a stylish princess. And as amazing as Kate wedding dress was, I do love Madeleine's a little bit more.

10.Lea Michele
This girl has a killer body and she makes sure to show it off to perfection, whether it be in a thigh high mini dress or a neck plunging gown.
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