Sunday, 30 March 2014

Veronica's Snacks - Product Review

Last week I was fortunate to receive a happiness hamper form the lovely people at Veronica's snacks.

Veronica's snacks is a small company in Cork. It was created by Veronica Kennelly, a healthy good food lover and mother of three snack happy kids. She went on a voyage to create a healthier version of our favourite savoury snacks, crisps with all the flavour and taste but with less of the not-so-healthy stuff and so Veronica's snacks was born. She created a range of baked crisps, that are full of flavour but with less fat, less salt and less of the not-so-healthy stuff. I love that Veronica also recognised that there are a lot of kid and adults out there with dietary restrictions so she came up with a recipe that was also gluten free.

All products from the snack range are gluten free and provide 60% less fat than standard crisps packing in a slimming 96 calories per 23g bag. Every single flavour that I tested was super delicious and flavour intensive.

Sour cream, herb and onion baked Organic Crisps: These really reminded me of Pringles, except the without the aftertaste and greasy texture.

Baked Organic Roast Garlic and Herbs Veggie Crisps: Wow – I really expect that healthy crisps would lack flavour but these certainly don't, this flavour is my favourite.

Barbeque flavour Baked Organic Crisps: I love that these crisps are light and flavoursome not greedy and heavy like other barbeque crisps on the market.
Baked Organic Roast Tomato & Spanish Paprika Veggie Crisps: Healthy, perfectly light and intense savoury flavour, what more could you ask for !
While you still have to watch how much you indulge in snack foods, when your craving crunch and intense flavour that won't damage your waistline, in my opinion, Veronica's snacks with all their delicious flavours are what you should be reaching for. So whether you want something a bit healthier to put in your kids lunch box or just want a really tasty crisp for yourself I think you won't be disappointed with Veronica's snacks.

These delicious snacks are available nationwide at most supermarkets including Tesco and Dunnes.


Saturday, 29 March 2014

Cartier Tank Anglaise Watch Look4Less

I have always been a fan of Cartier watches. If I did have money to burn (which I don't) I definitely think I would buy a Cartier watch before I bought a Rolex. I am in love with the femininity of this Cartier Tank Anglaise watch. I know that if I did own this watch I could wear it in 5 or even 50 years from now, it is a totally timeless piece. Now brace yourselves for the price ...... $33900 or €24600, no typo, no extra zero. Thankfully I have found an almost identical high street alternative.

When I stumbled upon this Juicy Couture watch on the internet the design instantly reminded me of Cartier’s Tank Anglaise timepiece. There are a couple differences, but considering the huge price difference I think I can get over them. The Juicy Couture timepiece below costs €150, ok not exactly high street but it is a fraction of what the Cartier watch costs.


Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Miu Miu Rasoir Semi-Rimless Cat Eye Sunglasses

I love the quirky and range design of Miu Miu sunglasses lately. And these sunnies are no different, I think I might even have a bit of a crush in them. The Rasoir Statement Semi-Rimless Cat Eye Sunglasses are not something I would usually like. But I love that they are chic yet totally modern and edgy. These quirky sunglasses are favourites of stars like Rihanna, Dakota Fanning and Anna Sophia Robb. These Miu Miu sunnies cost €250, so they won't be mine anytime soon.

If you love these sunnies but don't want to spend so much on something very edgy and would rather go for something more classical, of course I have a fabulous Look4Less for you. The Forever 21 pair of sunglasses below are a lovely Miu Miu dupe. These sunnies are almost identical to the Miu Miu originals, they have the same rimless bottom and the same car eye same. Plus, they are super budget friendly at only €5.90.

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