Saturday, 29 March 2014

Cartier Tank Anglaise Watch Look4Less

I have always been a fan of Cartier watches. If I did have money to burn (which I don't) I definitely think I would buy a Cartier watch before I bought a Rolex. I am in love with the femininity of this Cartier Tank Anglaise watch. I know that if I did own this watch I could wear it in 5 or even 50 years from now, it is a totally timeless piece. Now brace yourselves for the price ...... $33900 or €24600, no typo, no extra zero. Thankfully I have found an almost identical high street alternative.

When I stumbled upon this Juicy Couture watch on the internet the design instantly reminded me of Cartier’s Tank Anglaise timepiece. There are a couple differences, but considering the huge price difference I think I can get over them. The Juicy Couture timepiece below costs €150, ok not exactly high street but it is a fraction of what the Cartier watch costs.


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