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Thursday, 29 August 2013

6 Reasons You Need to Stop Forgetting to Accessorize

Like it or not, accessories are critical in fashion. Not just because of their beauty and uniqueness, but mostly because of what they can do and how they can change your style. Most times, the difference between a casual, plain look and a classy, stylish look is the presence or absence of accessories.
Fashion accessories can be bags, bracelets, shawls, belts, ties, necklaces, jewelries, trinkets, earrings, cufflinks, wrist watches, umbrellas, sunshades and so on. Think of it as the good stuff that helps your style standout. So, why would you want to stop doing something that works? If you have forgotten your fashion accessories or think of them as unnecessary, here's your wake up call.

Transforms Your Outfit
Two equally beautiful women can wear the same top and jeans, and one would look more fabulous than the other. You know the difference? It is simple: One probably accessorized while the other didn’t.
Accessories are powerful. They are your instant makeover kit designed to take you from drab to fab; from plain Jane to sassy Gwen. It transforms boring outfits into elegant ones effortlessly. A shawl, scarf and stylish sunshades can do wonders for your outfits.

Helps Make a Statement
If your profession does not allow you the luxury of being glamorous or dressy, there's a way around it. Sometimes, we want to be glam and fab, but get stumped by the requirements of our jobs – think conservative pant or skirt suit.
However, throw in a few subtle accessories and you'll instantly add a touch of style and finesse to your outfit. They help you say what you want even when it is not allowed at work through traditional means. It is an excellent way to make a statement fashion-wise.

Reduces the Stress of Having to Be Correctly Dressed
Don't have the time to get dressed? No problems. Throw on a few fashion accessories, and you'll go from plain to fab almost instantaneously. A decent pair of stylish sunglasses with a flowery scarf can transform your simple dress into something nicer.

Accessories are Important
The truth is that you may need some accessories more frequently or even all the time. Sometimes, it might even be imperative and necessary for your functions. For instance, if you were going to a formal event or conference, you might need tags, brooches or pins. Ladies also can't go out without an earring. The same goes for guys. They cannot go out without wristwatches. Senators too cannot go out without a lapel pin of the US flag.

Accessories Typically Don’t Cost Much
Unless you, of course, decide to buy an expensive designer bag like Oprah did recently. Whatever the case, accessories cost far less than the standard jewelry; sometimes far less than any jewelry. For instance, beaded necklaces typically cost way less than neck chains.

Great for Variety and Making Statements
Accessories provide enormous variety in our outfits. Since they are pretty diverse, they can make for excellent variety in your clothing. They also help you make whatever statement you want to make to the public.
For instance, a dapper gentleman tends of reek of confidence and sophistication. The thing is it is not often about the suit – although that could help – it is accessories such as his tie, cufflinks, scent and wrist-watch.
Most people may not know how much your suit costs, but if you are wearing a Patek Philippe, Ermenegildo Zegna, or a Rolex, people will notice. That, my friend, is making a statement.
You will agree that accessories are important to your daily life. Without it, there's less glam, pizzazz, style and fab. So, start accessorizing today. It is the best thing you can do for your appearance.

The writer, Oscar King, is a freelance blogger who often writes about topics related to fashion, researchin what works and what doesn't in the ever changing world of style. For the best in women's accessories, he highly recommends that shoppers turn their attention to Morana Online. You can learn more about Oscar by visiting his profile on Google+.

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