Thursday, 30 October 2014

Erin Cox Jewellery

I recently received a beautiful pair of earrings from the people at Erin Cox Jewellery. On this blog I write about getting the Look4Less but I always stress my belief that we should pay for quality. Erin makes beautiful hammered and molten jewellery. All of her jewellery is handmade and most definitely are not anything you would find in your local jeweller. I love that Erin's jewellery is completely different and still very reasonable, price wise.

Erin studied at the prestigious Sir John Cass Department of Art at London Guildhall University where she learned the fundamental skills of jewellery making and silversmithing. This rigorous education in the traditional skills means that all of Erin’s work is made to the highest standards using only the highest quality materials. Erin has used her deep understanding of the traditional skills to further develop methods to bring colour, depth, and texture to her work.

The earrings that I received are the Amethyst Aura studs from the Serendipity collection. The gems are set in a molten sterling silver surround. I love that they are a stud and can be worn everyday yet are glamorous enough for evening wear too. These earrings cost £125 and considering they are handmade from quality materials this is a very good price. I have spent up to £30 on costume jewellery that is glass and I'm sure a lot of you have. So doesn't it make sense to pay the extra bit for a pair that will last a lifetime. These earrings at available here :

Here's a look at some of Erin's other pieces of jewellery.

Mini Cupid Ring - From £52

o2 Bubble Link Necklace - From: £285.00

Pearl Bracelet - From £72

The striking jewelry items are available in silver and gold, making them a versatile accessory piece for many types of personalities. When you order a piece of Erin's jewellery it is made for you and dispatched as soon as possible. Because all of the jewellery is made by hand and each piece is individually crafted, slight variation will occur. Erin offers jewellery re-modelling, prices starting from £250.

Visit Erin's website :
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