Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Furla Metropolis Bag Look4Less

Those of you who know me or follow me on instagram will probably know that I own this bag. And I have to say it has been one of my best designer bag purchases (If you can count Furla as a high-end designer). I purchased the metropolis in the Metallic pale blue, there are dozens of colours in the range and I found it extremely difficult to choose. I chose the blue because I wear a lot of navy and wanted a bag that would be neutral yet would stand out. You might think this bag is too normal but you can actually fit a surprising amount because it's quite deep. I have lusted after the Hermes Constance bag for years and I found that the metropolis is the perfect alternative and a much more reasonable price.

Even though the price of the Furla Metropolis is quite reasonable for a leather cross-body I of course found you a look for less. The below bag is from Topshop and costs just over 10% the cost of the Furla Bag. 


Tuesday, 16 August 2016

My New Valentino Rockstud Pumps

I FINALLY DID IT. Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past couple of years you’ve probably seen the quintessential blogger shoe – the Valentino Rockstuds. After years of wanting these shoes I finally purchased the iconic slingback.

I was arguing with myself in my head because they are a ridiculous price (€730). When making an “investment purchase” you have to think about cost per wear not just upfront cost.  It’s so hard to spend a lot on one single item, but if it’s something classic, timeless and well made and you wear it over and over it’s a smarter investment than a less expensive item that falls apart or you wear a couple times. Thankfully, I was lucky enough to get these gorgeous beauties in the Summer sales on FarFetch and I’m over the moon.

First off Rockstuds come in three different types of leather. Soft leather, pebbled and patent. For years I was set on nude Rockstuds but the nude only come in either the soft leather or patent. I’ve never been a fan of the patent version, most fake Rockstuds are made of plastic and appear as patent leather. And after researching online I discovered the soft leather is notorious for scuffing. Nude was out of the question. Do I get the black ? So boring. Valentino Red Maybe ? Possibly as a second pair but too limiting for my first. The Solution ? This beautiful pair of pale blue (almost pearlised) pumps in the pebbled leather. I wear an awful lot of navy so these seemed the obvious choice. Plus they go perfectly with my blue Furla Metropolis bag.

Before buying my Valentino Rockstud pumps, I did quite a bit of online and offline research about them. I have tried them on in-store numerous times to be sure of my size. I'm usually a size 36 but I am a Louboutin and a Valentino size 35.5.




Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Gucci Loafer Look4Less

The Gucci loafer has been around for decades but its been in the last few months that they've really made a come back. And surprisingly not so much for men but for women. You can't have an Instagram account and not have seen at least one fashion blogger raving about these shoes. As a luxury shoe, the Gucci Loafer is also about comfort as well as style, coming in a range of colours and heights.

Gucci Loafer

I honesty believe that these shoes are a smart investment piece and worth the price tag as they will last you years and can be worn everyday. However if you're not in the position to stretch for this piece I've found a fabulous genuine leather alternative.


Friday, 29 July 2016

Balmain Blazer Look4Less

So as some of you might know Balmain has always been a favorite brand of mine but never quite been able to bring myself to invest (Hence why the Balmain X H&M Collaboration was a dream for me). Balmain's blazer is a classic style that will never date. For me the thing that makes this military blazer such a stand out is the iconic Balmain tailoring that results in an enviable nipped in waist.

From the placement of the pockets to the gold embosed buttons, this missguided blazer is almost an exact dupe of the Balmain blazer.


Monday, 25 July 2016

A Day in Monte-Carlo



Saturday, 25 June 2016

Brexit : An Irish and European Citizen's View

I feel so strongly about yesterday's Brexit result that I couldn't not say anything. I am so bitterly disappointed that the UK has made this decision and as an EU citizen I feel slightly betrayed and isolated. This choice was not about politics or political parties, it was about what the British people stand for. The EU is fundamentally about coming together for a common purpose, peace and unity. Admittedly flawed, the U.K. has abandoned the hope, collaboration and security that we all embrace as EU members.

The key issue during the debate was immigration, would it be wrong to think that a vote to leave is bigoted and racist, that is not for me to say. This result does however show evidence that instead of embracing diversity Britain appears to be clinging to its xenophobic colonial past, a rather unsettling thought in today's world. In terms of the immigrant issue, I’m not sure the British people realise just how much immigrants contribute to their society but that argument is for another day. Fundamentally we are all citizens of the world and I feel incredibly disappointed that the UK can turn away from people who are just looking for a better life. Every country in this world has responsibilities and it seems Britain is walking away from theirs. A huge step backwards for humanity?

It is also important to note that under the Dublin Regulation migrants who arrive in the EU are only allowed to claim asylum in the country they first land in, if they claim in another member state they can be deported and the UK does deport more than 1000 of these migrants each year under this regulation. By pulling out of the EU the UK is also leaving this agreement.

Not just from an Irish perspective do I think this is the wrong decision. I don't think that many of the leave voters quite understand what they have done. Beyond Migration there are many more important issues that were barely discussed.  As a speaker at the Innovation Union 2020 Conference in 2013 in Brussels I understand the loss that will be the Horizon 2020 programme for UK researchers and educational facilities. I honestly believe by cutting themselves off from the EU they are in a sense plunging themselves back into the dark ages. Horizon 2020 is a fund for research and innovation within the EU of over 80 billion euro. At the conference I spoke about the importance of these funds going to the next generation of Scientists and Entrepreneurs, I fear the UK have robbed these opportunities from their youth.

As a citizen of Ireland, a truly free and independent Republic I understand and sympathise with the leave voters who believed this referendum was a vote for freedom and sovereignty. It’s fair to say that there was spin from both sides of the debate but this propaganda from the leave campaign is despicable and I deeply regret that people have been duped. The EU may dictate certain laws and you could possibility go as far as to say that in areas like defense it infringes on Sovereignty. However in the globalized world we live in today it is important for us to work together with other countries in order to flourish economically. I fear a UK intent on isolation from the EU is only undermining themselves.

When the UK voted to leave they fully accepted the inevitable damage to their economy. What would be wrong would be for them to drag this Brexit out. It would be incredibly unjust to hold the economies of the rest of the EU to ransom. If you're going to leave do it quickly and initiate article 50 ASAP. To quote JK Rowling, "the cheating man shocked he can't stay in the spare room for 2 years while he sorts himself out".

All of that being said, the British people have spoken and we must respect their decision. I do hope for the best for the UK after Brexit and I hope that strong collaboration and stability between the UK and Ireland will continue. However it is important for us to remember that 16 million British people did vote to remain………..

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Copenhagen Gem - The Absalon Hotel

For me a quality hotel is all about the little features and the Absalon Hotel is certainly not lacking in this area. Talk about an escape from the snow and sub-zero temperatures, this place is a quirky velvet palace in a beautiful city. 


My first impression of the hotel was great. I was surprised at how "grand" it looked when approaching it from the train station.The Absalon occupies a corner block and looks majestic with it's crystal white exterior.This hotel has recently been renovated and the designer guild fabric and designs are quite recognisable from the moment you walk in.

https://assets.hipmunk.com/assets/hotel_image/v1/563525be8f3484588f86584e.jpgWhile the interior of the hotel was fantastic, the highlight is the location. The Absalon is located in Vesterbro, Copenhagen's most vibrant neighbourhood. The hotel is perfectly located just one minute walk to the central station, five minutes to Tivoli and ten to the Stroget. You can also get a train direct from the airport to the central station, saving you extra money for coffees. 

All 161 rooms and suites are modern and classic and decorated with Designers Guild’s wallpapers, cushions, curtains and exquisite design interior.

The rooms are equipped with all modern amenities, including Samsung Smart TVs, air conditioning and free wifi.

The rooms have 3 colour themes. The Top Floor superior rooms have their own theme: GRASS: Bright and fresh green colours with touches of fuchsia and black, to compliment the beautiful wool carpet.                                                          

The standard rooms have two themes: OCEAN: Simply a blue and silver experience with touches of gold. 


BERRY: Deep purple, plum colors and touches of silver. Both themes are presented on a beautiful wooden floor in white pigmented oak.


Our room (Superior Double), on the top floor, was huge. Beautifully decorated with plush carpets, a huge bed, bathroom with lights that can be the colour of your choice and a handy second sink and fridge. The room was clean and comfortable and the decor was modern and uplifting.


One of my favourite features was the motion activated light under the bed, great for getting up in the middle of the night and not disturbing anyone else in the room. Another feature which was great especially for our January stay was the fact that the skirting boards were also heaters, eliminating the need for ugly radiators.

Spotlessly clean, a joy to return back to after a long day of cycling around the city.

 Lounge/Hotel Facilities
We looked forward the breakfasts each morning, a huge selection, delicious Danish pastries, lovely cereals, fresh bread, fruit, ham, cheese and a small hot selection. Flasks of coffee ready on the table when we sat down, and very attentive staff. Another plus was the ample amount of tables so we never had to stress about getting to breakfast early to meet the rush.


However, one of our fondest memories will be enjoying the cocktail hour, sipping moijtos, playing backgammon and having friendly conversations with the other guests for an hour or two each night.

 I very much enjoyed our visit to the Absalon and would recommend to anyone if you are looking for something a bit different,  especially if you like the whole concept of boutique hotels. And on top of that, it is very fairly priced - AND you can book the room for 24 hour (Check in late, Checkout late).

Thank you to the Absalon Hotel for sponsoring our stay in the beautiful Copenhagen. To book visit : http://www.absalon-hotel.dk/en/

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