Thursday, 4 February 2016

Copenhagen Gem - The Absalon Hotel

For me a quality hotel is all about the little features and the Absalon Hotel is certainly not lacking in this area. Talk about an escape from the snow and sub-zero temperatures, this place is a quirky velvet palace in a beautiful city. 

My first impression of the hotel was great. I was surprised at how "grand" it looked when approaching it from the train station.The Absalon occupies a corner block and looks majestic with it's crystal white exterior.This hotel has recently been renovated and the designer guild fabric and designs are quite recognisable from the moment you walk in.

Location the interior of the hotel was fantastic, the highlight is the location. The Absalon is located in Vesterbro, Copenhagen's most vibrant neighbourhood. The hotel is perfectly located just one minute walk to the central station, five minutes to Tivoli and ten to the Stroget. You can also get a train direct from the airport to the central station, saving you extra money for coffees. 

All 161 rooms and suites are modern and classic and decorated with Designers Guild’s wallpapers, cushions, curtains and exquisite design interior.

The rooms are equipped with all modern amenities, including Samsung Smart TVs, air conditioning and free wifi.

The rooms have 3 colour themes. The Top Floor superior rooms have their own theme: GRASS: Bright and fresh green colours with touches of fuchsia and black, to compliment the beautiful wool carpet.                                                          

The standard rooms have two themes: OCEAN: Simply a blue and silver experience with touches of gold.

BERRY: Deep purple, plum colors and touches of silver. Both themes are presented on a beautiful wooden floor in white pigmented oak.

Our room (Superior Double), on the top floor, was huge. Beautifully decorated with plush carpets, a huge bed, bathroom with lights that can be the colour of your choice and a handy second sink and fridge. The room was clean and comfortable and the decor was modern and uplifting. 

One of my favourite features was the motion activated light under the bed, great for getting up in the middle of the night and not disturbing anyone else in the room. Another feature which was great especially for our January stay was the fact that the skirting boards were also heaters, eliminating the need for ugly radiators.

Spotlessly clean, a joy to return back to after a long day of cycling around the city.

 Lounge/Hotel Facilities
We looked forward the breakfasts each morning, a huge selection, delicious Danish pastries, lovely cereals, fresh bread, fruit, ham, cheese and a small hot selection. Flasks of coffee ready on the table when we sat down, and very attentive staff. Another plus was the ample amount of tables so we never had to stress about getting to breakfast early to meet the rush.

However, one of our fondest memories will be enjoying the cocktail hour, sipping moijtos, playing backgammon and having friendly conversations with the other guests for an hour or two each night.

 I very much enjoyed our visit to the Absalon and would recommend to anyone if you are looking for something a bit different,  especially if you like the whole concept of boutique hotels. And on top of that, it is very fairly priced - AND you can book the room for 24 hour (Check in late, Checkout late).

Thank you to the Absalon Hotel for sponsoring our stay in the beautiful Copenhagen. To book visit :

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