Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Winter Sale 2017 Top Picks

I hope you've all been enjoying the last few days and relaxing. It seems crazy that Winter sale time is upon us again. This year I've avoid the shops and done all my shopping from the comfort of my sofa, like most people I'd imagine. So I've put together a collection of my favourite piece from the sales.And always remember it's not a bargain if you wouldn't have paid full price for it, don't get sucked in and buy items for the hell of it. Use these sales to pick up investment pieces that you'll still love next Winter!




Saturday, 7 October 2017

Chloé Susanna Studded Ankle Boots Look4Less

These boots have been around now for close to a decade. At the beginning a lot of the fashion world dismissed them a seasonal trand piece but they definitely seem to have stood the test of time and have become a piece in Chloé 's core collection. At over a thousand euro, they definitely are not an affordable piece to have in your everyday wardrobe. Saying that, they are here to stay so if they are very much your style you might consider the investment.


Sunday, 1 October 2017

Gucci Dionysus Bamboo Handle Look4Less

There are few elements in handbag history as iconic as the Gucci Bamboo handle. The bamboo handle was first created by Gucci in 1947 when rationing was still in effect and the fashion house had to find a material to use that would not be subject to the restrictions. Since then the bamboo handle has been synonymous with Gucci. In 2010 Gucci reintroduced the bamboo handle for the first time in decades and it has been vital in their whole brand revival. The bag below retails for € 2,390.

Friday, 22 September 2017

A Day at Seaworld's Aquatica

On a recent trip to Orlando I was lucky enough to receive complimentary tickets from Seaworld to experience their waterpark, Aquatica. While I love walking around the tradition theme parks there’s a lot to be said for a chill day at a waterpark especially in 33 degree heat.


Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Louis Vuitton Star Trail Ankle Boot Look4Less

I've had my eye on the Louis Vuitton Star Trail ankle boots for the last few seasons but I've never been able to bring myself to spend 1100 on a pair of boots. Even I have limits! For me these chunky heeled boots achieve the perfect balance between classic and edge. A classic black ankle boot is an essential, no matter the time of the year. Chunky heels and track soles are massive trends for this A/W and the Louis Vuitton Star Trail boots have done it just right and ensured the boot still remains feminine.


Friday, 15 September 2017

The Autumn Pieces I'll be Investing in

This year these are the pieces I'll be investing in. Not too long ago I was a Zara addict. I definitely still get the urge and have to exhibit extreme willpower. I've spent the Summer working and saving up for a big holiday. Obviously I haven't stopped shopping but I have stopped buying (mostly). When I look at what is left out of last years A/W wardrobe the only pieces that really remained timeless and still look as good as the day I bought them are my cashmere sweaters - a great buy. This year I really want to channel my spending into items that I'll have year after year.

I realise some of these pieces are a bit of a splurge, but I think of items in terms of cost-per-wear, which helps me justify the price tag. Even if you just buy one investment piece for your A/W wardrobe this year you won't regret it, trust me!

A great coat is a must and a really easy way to update your wardrobe for A/W. Instead of a black coat why not get a rich camel one instead this year. I wear a lot of grey and burgundy in the colder months so a camel coat is a great injection of light. When buying a coat it's very important to look at the materials to ensure it will wear well. I always try to go for natural materials like wool and cashmere in a coat.


Saturday, 9 September 2017

Gucci Marmont Velvet Look4Less

Gucci is on a roll! This time I have a Look4Less for the Marmont velvet edition, so on trend for A/W. The Marmont bag seems to have gathered a cult following in recent months, I can't scroll my Instagram feed without seeing it! Of all the 'IT' bags out there at the moment I must say this one would not be on the top of my wishlist. Buying a designer bag isn't cheap, it's a huge commitment. And while I love the velvet when it comes to practicality the leather would still be my first choice. The Gucci Marmont Velvet bag starts at € 1,290.


Saturday, 19 August 2017

Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Look4Less

This shoe hardly needs an introduction. When you think of iconic shoe designers Manolo Blahnik is among the all time greats. This shoe in particular, the Hangisi will be recognised by most. The Hangisi, which is of course the shoe that Big proposed to Carrie with comes in a variety of colours, my personal favourites not being the classic blue satin but rather the fuchsia pink velvet. Due to their popularity the price of these heels has doubled since the Sex and the City movie, making them a fictional purchase for most of us. The Manolo Blahnik Hangisi pumps currently retail for €860.


Sunday, 13 August 2017

REAL TALK: There's a difference between a Look4Less and a 'Dupe'

I have considered addressing this issue for some time now. Before getting into the dupe topic I think it's important to remember how the fashion industry works. In very basic terms, big fashion houses show collections twice a year, always one season ahead and the prevailing trends from these shows then filter down to high street stores. I think Miranda Priestly in The Devil wears Prada explains it best....

" 'This... stuff'? Oh. Okay. I see. You think this has nothing to do with you. You go to your closet and you select... I don't know... that lumpy blue sweater, for instance because you're trying to tell the world that you take yourself too seriously to care about what you put on your back. But what you don't know is that that sweater is not just blue, it's not turquoise. It's not lapis. It's actually cerulean. And you're also blithely unaware of the fact that in 2002, Oscar de la Renta did a collection of cerulean gowns. And then I think it was Yves Saint Laurent... wasn't it who showed cerulean military jackets? I think we need a jacket here. And then cerulean quickly showed up in the collections of eight different designers. And then it, uh, filtered down through the department stores and then trickled on down into some tragic Casual Corner where you, no doubt, fished it out of some clearance bin. However, that blue represents millions of dollars and countless jobs and it's sort of comical how you think that you've made a choice that exempts you from the fashion industry when, in fact, you're wearing the sweater that was selected for you by the people in this room from a pile of stuff."-Miranda Priestly, The Devil Wears Prada.

I’ve been blogging now for just shy of 5 years. Look4Less posts have always been a core part of my content. However I have always been very careful to stress the fact that a Look4Less is not a fake (illegal or legal, I’ll explain this later), a Look4Less is a piece that is ‘inspired by’ or 'pays tribute to' and has vital design differences. 


Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Dolce & Gabbana Lemon Dress Look4Less

No one does effortless Italian chic better than Dolce and Gabbana. Their floral fabrics are chosen so carefully because often a whole collection is centered around one fabric. While this lemon print  fabric may not be part of this season's D&G collections, it was an integral theme running through their SS16 collection. A Dolce dress is definitely something that I want to have in my wardrobe at some point but for now I'll be sticking with my Look4Less. Because the exact dress that inspired this Look4Less in no longer available I'll link some of my favourite D&G dresses from this season.


Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Chanel Espadrilles Look4Less

It's the shoe you've seen all over instagram and probably have been tempted by, the Chanel Espadrille. The Chanel espadrilles start at €550 depending on whether you choose leather or canvas. Despite the hype and my love for these shoes, I would personally never pay that money for a pair of espadrilles. I feel like it's madness when I could have an incredible pair of showstopping heels for the same price. Even if they are Chanel!


Saturday, 15 July 2017

The Summer Accessory You Didn't Know You Needed

I am completely obsessed with straw and woven bags. This Summer the straw bag isn't just for the beach, instead we're taking inspiration from Jane Birkin and wearing them everywhere. The actress was known for wearing her rattan basket bag to all kinds of events, even on the Cannes Film festival red carpet.

Below I've rounded up some of my favourite straw bags on the market now, from some high street bargains to some amazing high end designer investment pieces. 

Kiki x


Thursday, 13 July 2017

Loeffler Randall Knotted Sliders Look4less

Sliders - the shoes of the Summer. The once 'ugly shoe' that everyone has fallen head over heals for. While I can't quite get 100% on board with the big plasticy pool side ones that make your feet look wide, I am in love with these chic mustard sliders. Perfect to slip on for brunch and dressy enough to wear with skirts and dresses, these Loeffler Randall sliders have found the perfect balance. While I can see a future for these in my wardrobe I have a strict rule against spending big money on super trendy pieces.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

My Picks from the ASOS Summer Sale 2017

The ASOS sale started this week and here are my picks of the best summer buys, so why not bag yourself a bargain now!

Scroll down and click the image to shop my picks from ASOS's sale.


Monday, 12 June 2017

Victoria by Victoria Beckham Off The Shoulder Shirt Look4Less

A ruffle trim and off the shoulder neckline give this Victoria by Victoria Beckham top a charming feminine look. The blouse is sexy without being flashy and it shows and hides skin in just the right amounts. Perfect for day or night, paired with blue jeans or leather leggings. Just think of all the outfits options you'd have with such a versatile yet statement-making shirt. The Victoria by Victoria Beckham shirt comes in at €480 and this is supposed to be Victoria Beckham's more affordable range!


Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Chloé Nile Bag Look4Less

If there's one thing Chloé does well it's handbags. In case you haven't seen this bag all over instagram and fashion blogs, the Nile bag is the latest must-have design from Chloé. The Nile bag comes in three different sizes and countless colours - which all exude Parisian chic. The bag's most distinctive feature is the gold ring handle, which can also be worn as a bracelet for carrying. This 'it bag' is flying off the shelves so grab one while you can - just click the image to shop!


Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Valentino Rockstud Block Heel Sandal Look4Less

I've written about the Valentino 'Rockstud' family multiple times and as you might remember I'm slightly obsessed. One can always count on the Italian fashion house to create edgy yet elegant pieces. While I don't own these sandals I've heard they do not compromise on comfort either. However before you fall hopelessly in love, sit down and look at the price tag - €740. A lot of money for a pair of sandals - wouldn't want to get any sand on them!


Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Miu Miu Lace Up Ballet Flats Look4Less

You're probably already quite familiar with these shoes, they've become a bit of an 'it shoe' lately. Miu Miu has changed the game and given the ballet flat a major makeover. Edgy gingham ribbons and buckled leather straps have given the typically generic ballet flat a punky feel. It seems the whole fashion community has had a love affair with these shoes recently, with them popping up on the heels of fashion bloggers and influencers everywhere. As always just click on the images to shop!


Monday, 17 April 2017

Life in the fast lane of Barcelona

With Drive me Barcelona you can live the life you've always dreamt of even if it's only for a few hours. Drive Me Barcelona is the ultimate service for luxury car rental. Experience the most breathtaking driving experiences in Catalunya whilst driving the most exclusive and latest models of supercars.


Monday, 3 April 2017

Catalan Retreat - Hotel Primero Primera

For me I choose to always stay in boutique hotels because little touches make all the difference. When you arrive, you will be instantly satisfied with the warm greeting and kindness of the Hotel Primero Primera staff. Bright smiles and the utmost respect, I never once opened my own door or carried my own bags, which (although I would never expect) is one of the highlights for an exhausted traveller. It is small touches of great hospitality that let you know you have made the right choice. The whole atmosphere of this hotel is very relaxing and comfortable, yet luxurious at the same time. This is an amazing boutique hotel and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone going to Barcelona.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Photo Bike Tours Barcelona

My friend and I were invited to take the Photo Bike tour on our recent trip to Barcelona and had a great time. The tour was full of interesting sights that we would not have seen otherwise. Alfredo, our guide, was very insightful and shared lots of interesting information about the sights we saw and the city in general. My friend and I definitely are not regular cyclists however we both found the pace to be very manageable and discovered that Barcelona is an extremely cyclist friendly city. Despite being out on busy streets we always felt safe and confident.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Karen Millen 'The Super Frill Shirt' Look4Less

There are very few wardrobe pieces as essential as a good white shirt. It's the true MVP, the wear it anywhere piece. I strongly believe in investing in good quality white shirts. Obviously everyone should own a classic button up, however it's just as important to own quirky white shirts that add interest to an outfit. I first discovered Karen Millen's 'White Shirt Project' when I saw the shirt below on the incredible Lydia Elise Millen. Lydia has worn this shirt in so many different ways, be sure to check out her blog. The shirt below from Karen Millen is €140, as always just click the image to shop.



Friday, 3 March 2017

GG Marmont matelassé shoulder bag Look4Less

The most hyped luxury brand right now? It has got to be Gucci! They've had a comeback like no other over the past two seasons. The 'Marmont' handbag collection has been central in Gucci's recent fashion revival. A shoulder bag with a soft structured shape and wavy quilting, this bag definitely gives major Chanel vibes. Although it would get a lot of use, it may not be quite enough to justify the price. The GG Marmont Matelassé shoulder bag costs € 1,790 and is available to shop by clicking the picture below.

GG Marmont matelassé shoulder bag


Friday, 17 February 2017

ACNE STUDIOS Velocite shearling jacket Look4Less

I feel like the Zara Jacket below has taken over my instagram in the last few months. I think you could definitely call it the jacket of the season. A hybrid of a biker jacket and a shearling coat with the best qualities of both - a cool biker chick feel while also being toasty and warm. I do wonder however how many people realise that this jacket is an absolute rip-off of the Acne Velocite shearling jacket which has been around for years. Crushingly if you now do want to invest in the Acne original it'll cost you a cool 2,300.


Wednesday, 8 February 2017

V-Day Gift Guide

Valentine's day is just around the corner and its peak gift-buying time. To help you out, I've put together a list of the ultimate present for your girlfriend, mom or yourself (TREAT-YO-SELF).

As always to shop the items just click on the pictures.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Saint Laurent California Sneaker Look4Less

While we would all love to wear beautiful pointy pumps or heeled ankle boots around everyday the reality is they're just never that comfortable and we always fall back on the trusty trainer. The fashion world has finally realised this and trainers have become massively trendy. These white Saint Laurent California sneakers are super versatile and make any outfit look instantly effortless. They retail at 475.

These sneakers from Boohoo are great if your want the YSL look without the price tag. They are almost identical and cost only €20. As always, click on the image to shop.


Tuesday, 17 January 2017

The Zara sister stores you'll wish you knew about sooner

Image result for uterque

If you're anything like me half of your wardrobe comes from Zara, it's your go to for trendy pieces. The major downside - you could walk into a restaurant and be wearing the same top as three other women.

Owned by the same company as Zara, Uterqüe (OO-TER-KWAY) produces a limited number of each piece so it's not a brand you'll find on many others. It's a firm favourite of Kim Murray, Pippa Middleton and Queen Letizia of Spain. Why, you ask ? Well the pieces are on trend without being seasonal, they're timeless with a twist. The labels say 100% silk and 100% cashmere, not viscose or acrylic mix and the price tags are mostly under €250.

Although the price points are higher than Zara the use of high quality materials more than makes up for this. They also have a very generous sale at the moment so be sure to check them out :

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