Tuesday, 17 January 2017

The Zara sister stores you'll wish you knew about sooner

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If you're anything like me half of your wardrobe comes from Zara, it's your go to for trendy pieces. The major downside - you could walk into a restaurant and be wearing the same top as three other women.

Owned by the same company as Zara, UterqΓΌe (OO-TER-KWAY) produces a limited number of each piece so it's not a brand you'll find on many others. It's a firm favourite of Kim Murray, Pippa Middleton and Queen Letizia of Spain. Why, you ask ? Well the pieces are on trend without being seasonal, they're timeless with a twist. The labels say 100% silk and 100% cashmere, not viscose or acrylic mix and the price tags are mostly under €250.

Although the price points are higher than Zara the use of high quality materials more than makes up for this. They also have a very generous sale at the moment so be sure to check them out : http://www.uterque.com/ie/

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