Tuesday, 17 January 2017

The Zara sister stores you'll wish you knew about sooner

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If you're anything like me half of your wardrobe comes from Zara, it's your go to for trendy pieces. The major downside - you could walk into a restaurant and be wearing the same top as three other women.

Owned by the same company as Zara, UterqΓΌe (OO-TER-KWAY) produces a limited number of each piece so it's not a brand you'll find on many others. It's a firm favourite of Kim Murray, Pippa Middleton and Queen Letizia of Spain. Why, you ask ? Well the pieces are on trend without being seasonal, they're timeless with a twist. The labels say 100% silk and 100% cashmere, not viscose or acrylic mix and the price tags are mostly under €250.

Although the price points are higher than Zara the use of high quality materials more than makes up for this. They also have a very generous sale at the moment so be sure to check them out : http://www.uterque.com/ie/


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Zara - only for lingerie, nightwear, swimwear and sportswear - THE DREAM. Oysho is one of those shops that I feel like I could buy everything in.  Also owned by the Inditex group, Oysho offers high quality cotton pieces for very reasonable prices. It may be a slight step up from Penneys price wise but for pieces that will last years it's definitely worth it.

Be sure to check out their sportwear section for fashionable pieces that'll make you the envy of all gym goers (There are incredible pieces in their current sale).

Just like Uterque Oysho don't have any Irish stores yet but they do ship to Ireland https://www.oysho.com/ie/

Essential lace bodysuit27.99 € 45.99 € 

Ice cretonne shirt-style top19.99 € 27.99 € / Ice cretonne trousers22.99 € / Victorian flower shirt19.99 € 27.99 € Victorian flower bottoms22.99 € 

Grey striped trousers17.99 € / Crossover neckline sweater17.99 €  / Striped sweater14.99 €  / Trousers with blue stripes16.99 € / Long grey check trousers17.99 € / Brioche stitch fleece jacket19.99 € 

Mr. Wonderful unicorn sweatshirt16.99 € 35.99 € / Mr. Wonderful unicorn trousers14.99 € 25.99 € / Basic triangular comfort bra16.99 € / Mr. Wonderful clock trousers14.99 € 25.99 € 


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