Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Chanel Espadrilles Look4Less

It's the shoe you've seen all over instagram and probably have been tempted by, the Chanel Espadrille. The Chanel espadrilles start at €550 depending on whether you choose leather or canvas. Despite the hype and my love for these shoes, I would personally never pay that money for a pair of espadrilles. I feel like it's madness when I could have an incredible pair of showstopping heels for the same price. Even if they are Chanel! 


These Asos espadrilles are almost exactly the same as the Chanel ones, minus the logo of course because we don't support fakes here. These would be perfect with jeans or even a Summer dress. And at €16 they are definitely going to sell out soon, just click the picture to get your hands on them!


1 comment

  1. I do love the Chanel one but its amazing to see the difference in price with such a similar shoe!!! I love Asos x

    S x


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