Friday, 15 September 2017

The Autumn Pieces I'll be Investing in

This year these are the pieces I'll be investing in. Not too long ago I was a Zara addict. I definitely still get the urge and have to exhibit extreme willpower. I've spent the Summer working and saving up for a big holiday. Obviously I haven't stopped shopping but I have stopped buying (mostly). When I look at what is left out of last years A/W wardrobe the only pieces that really remained timeless and still look as good as the day I bought them are my cashmere sweaters - a great buy. This year I really want to channel my spending into items that I'll have year after year.

I realise some of these pieces are a bit of a splurge, but I think of items in terms of cost-per-wear, which helps me justify the price tag. Even if you just buy one investment piece for your A/W wardrobe this year you won't regret it, trust me!

A great coat is a must and a really easy way to update your wardrobe for A/W. Instead of a black coat why not get a rich camel one instead this year. I wear a lot of grey and burgundy in the colder months so a camel coat is a great injection of light. When buying a coat it's very important to look at the materials to ensure it will wear well. I always try to go for natural materials like wool and cashmere in a coat.

These are a winter no brainer. I have gone through so many pairs of high street boots at this point I should have definitely saved my money and invested in some Chloe or Saint Laurent beauties instead.

Since I'm the weirdo who actually loves the cold weather I live for chunky comfy knits. I love cardigans for layering beneath coats or even just to wear while I study. This year I think I'll be purchasing the grey over-sized knit from River Island below.

For a long time I had very mixed feelings about Louis Vuitton. Part of me thought the monogram was vulgar. Fast froward to this year and I was soooooo close to buying the Pouchette Metis. If it was easier to get my hands on it I probably would own it. It has since become a really 'instagram' bag so I'm happy I didn't buy it. Back to scarves, one LV piece I do still have my eye on in the Logo Mania scarf. While the monogram is quite out there I might just be able to get over it because this scarf is unbelievably thick and cozy. Other scarves I have my eye on this season include the classic Burberry cashmere scarves and the Acne solid colour scarves.

A peacoat is something you can toss over just about anything in your wardrobe and strut confidently out the door. It's the part of the outfit that is most on show - surely worth the investment! I'm very happy to say that I have already purchased by dream navy peacoat from Burberry on a recent trip to the US and I'm sure I'll have it for years.

On the days when your whole closet seems black, a prince of wales blazer adds some interest and smartens up your whole outfit. Blazers are something that I really believe in investing in. While Zara can be great I find their jackets and blazers often lose their shape after one season.



  1. Investing in key items is such a good idea! I need to invest in a coat as so far I just buy a new from Primark yearly, so I definitely think it's time to invest xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. Wow, this so lovely thanks for the info, i cherish it a lot FREETUNEZ

  3. I love black ankle boots and I own too many pairs!! They are comfortable, stylish and you can wear them with every piece in your wardrobe! x


  4. These are definitely great pieces to be looking into for the season!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

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