Sunday, 1 October 2017

Gucci Dionysus Bamboo Handle Look4Less

There are few elements in handbag history as iconic as the Gucci Bamboo handle. The bamboo handle was first created by Gucci in 1947 when rationing was still in effect and the fashion house had to find a material to use that would not be subject to the restrictions. Since then the bamboo handle has been synonymous with Gucci. In 2010 Gucci reintroduced the bamboo handle for the first time in decades and it has been vital in their whole brand revival. The bag below retails for € 2,390.

Mango's Look4Less of this bag is pretty amazing considering the price. At only 59.95 it's a dead ringer for the Gucci original! Just click the image to shop and grab it while it's still in stock.;40,340,440

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