Monday, 27 August 2018

Boston Total Experience Tour with Grayline

When I discussed this trip with friends and family everyone told me I would feel very at home in Boston. And we certainly did. Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States and the European influence can be seen everywhere. It would be hard to find a city is the USA with as much history. Home to Harvard, the first University in the US as well as being the location Samuel Adams chose to give speeches advocating independence from Great Britain. With all this history, it would be crazy not to take a city tour!

While in Boston we were lucky enough to be hosted by Grayline tours on their Boston Total Experience Tour. This tour certainly is the total experience, bringing you to every sight you could hope to see in Boston - perfect if you're only in the city for a few days. The tour left early in the morning from the department of transport building, right in the centre of Boston (hotel pick up is also an option).

Sam was our entertaining host and guide for the day and did a great job at making the city's history really come to life. Cambridge was our first place of interest. Obviously home to Harvard and MIT, Cambridge is a must visit spot in Boston. The Grayline tour drives through Cambridge and gives you a feel for the history and significance of the university town. Be advised that the tour does not include the interior of any of the buildings.

After Cambridge we continued on to Lexington for our first stop of the day and a chance to grab a coffee and snacks. Lexington was exactly as I had imagined, that quintessential American small town we all recognise from films. This tour was a great way to learn how the events that occurred in Lexington and Concord eventually led to the Revolutionary War and Independence. There was something incredibly poignant about walking across the fields where these battles were fought. Today when we look back it seems completely abstract to us, the United States of America, fighting the British for their freedom but coming to Concord really made that real.

The second half of the tour began back in the city. Sam dropped us to Faneuil Hall to have an authentic Bostonian Lunch - CHOWDER! After re-boarding the bus we explored the rest of the city and the primary sights.

The last stop on this full day tour was at the USS Constitution. I must say this is not something of particular interest for me but even I found the museum eye-opening.

Sam's passion, enthusiasm and knowledge made for a thoroughly enjoyable and informative tour! To book a tour of Boston with Grayline visit their website here.



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